Plant propagation

List of business classifications grouped under A013 - Plant propagation in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Decorative plant agriculture

    Agriculture or cultivation of leafy ornamental plants and living flower ornamental plants, such as bonsai, suplir, elephant ear, heliconia (banana-banana), dracaena, phylodendrom, monstera, cordyline, leaf anthurium, ferns, aglonema, difenbacia, sansifera (tongue parents-in-law), caladium (taro), palms and ornamental flower plants, such as orchids, roses, adenium (Japanese kaboja, anthurium flowers, euphorbia, ixora (soka) and other flower plants. Including planting plants for ornamental purposes and grassy soil for transplantation.


    Agriculture plant development

    The vegetative production of all plant seedlings including stem cuttings, cuttings and seedlings for continued plant breeding or grafting of selected offspring which are then planted to produce plants. Including the activities of planting plants for replanting, planting of live plants for tubers, roots; cuts, cuttings and grafts; mushroom spawn and plant nursery, except forest plant nursery.


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