Printing and service activities related to printing

List of business classifications grouped under C181 - Printing and service activities related to printing in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Service activities related to printing

    The business of binding printed sheets, for example into books, brochures, magazines, catalogs and so on, by folding, attaching, sewing, gluing, joining, binding with adhesives, trimming and gold stamping; production of composed type, plates or cylinders, bookbinding; composition, lettering, photo insertion, data input including scanning and recognition of optical characters or letters, electronic arrangement; image creation includes image or image installation (for printing and offset printing processes); engraving or sketching cylinders for gravure; the process of making images directly on the plate (including the photopolymer plate); creation of images for relief printing and stamping; mold making for trials; artistic work includes the preparation of litho stones and woodblocks (production of lithographic stones, for use in printing activities in other units); manufacture of reprographic goods; printed designs such as sketches, layouts, sample items and so on; and other graphic activities such as die-sinking and die-stamping, braille duplicating, hitting and drilling, embossing, varnishing and coating, insertion and folding


    General printing industry

    The activities of the newspaper, magazine and other periodic printing industry such as tabloids, newspapers, magazines, journals, pamphlets, books and brochures, music manuscripts, maps, atlases, posters, advertising catalogs, prospectuses and other print advertisements, diaries, calendars, business forms and other commercial printed materials, stationery or personal writing materials and other printed goods produced by printing machines, offsets, photo cliches, flexography and the like, copying machines, computer printers, embossed letters and so on including printing equipment fast; direct printing on textiles, plastics, glass, metal, wood and ceramics, except printing silk screens on fabrics and apparel; and printing on labels or identification (lithography, printing on graves, flexography printing and so on). This includes reprinting via computer, mimeograph machines and the like. This printed material is usually copyright. The paper or cardboard label industry belongs to the 17099 group.


    Special printing industry

    The postal stamp printing industry, tax stamps, documents, check and other confidential paper, stamps, banknotes, blank checks, current accounts, shares, bonds, securities, passports, airplane tickets and other special prints.


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