Publishing activities

List of business classifications grouped under J58 - Publishing activities in Indonesia.

KBLI Name Description Status

Software issuance (software)

The business of publishing ready-to-use (not on order) software, such as operating systems, business applications and others and video games for all operating system platforms.

Closed to foreign investment

Issuing directory and mailing list

Publishing a list of information (databases). These publications can be published either in electronic or print form. Its business activities include publishing mailing lists, publishing telephone books and publishing directories and other compilations, such as lawsuits, pharmaceutical compendiums and others.

Closed to foreign investment

Issuance of newspapers, magazines, and bulletin (press)

The business of publishing newspapers and newspaper advertisements, journals, newsletters, general and technical magazines, comics, including the publishing of radio and television broadcast schedules and so on. This information can be published in electronic or printed form, including on the internet

With restrictions

Other publishing activities

The business of publishing photographs, graphic arts and postcards, forms, posters, reproductions of art works (paintings) and advertising and other printed materials. Includes online publication of statistics and other information and micro-film footage

Closed to foreign investment

Book publishing

The activities of publishing books in print, electronic (CD, CD-ROM, DVD, etc.), audio or on the internet. Its business activities include publishing books, brochures, leaflets and similar publications, including publishing dictionaries and encyclopedias, publishing atlases, maps and graphics, publishing books in audio form and publishing encyclopedias etc. on CD-ROMs and other publications. Including the electronic publishing.


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