Reproduction of recorded media

List of business classifications grouped under C182 - Reproduction of recorded media in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Reproductive voice recording media and software

    Reproductions of master copy plates or gramophone discs, compact disks or CDs and tapes containing music or audio recordings and reproductions of master copies of software or software and data on disks and magnetic tape. Blank phonograph records, blank cassette tapes, computer tapes and blank diskettes for recording data are included in groups of 26800.The sound recording industry on LPs, cassette tapes and the like is included in groups 59201


    Reproductive film and video recorded media

    The reproduction of master record copies, compact disks or CDs and tapes containing motion pictures or films and other video recordings. Published film and video recordings were included in the groups 59111 and 59112.


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