Retail sale of automotive fuel in specialized stores

List of business classifications grouped under G473 - Retail sale of automotive fuel in specialized stores in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Retail trading oil lubricators in stores

    The retail business of lubricants in stores. Includes retail trade in refrigeration products for automobiles


    Retail trading fuel vehicles in spbu

    The retail business of fuel for cars and motorbikes (such as gasoline, diesel and LPG), as well as fuel for speed boats and generators. Usually this activity is combined with the sale of lubricants, cooling products, cleaning materials and other goods for cars and motorbikes. If the main activity is selling fuel and lubricants for cars and motorbikes, it is included in this group. The wholesale trade in fuel is included in group 46610. The retail trade of LPG and fuel for cooking or heating purposes is included in group 47772.


    Premium, premix and solar retail trading in the stores

    Special retail trade business of premium, premix and diesel which is carried out in kiosks or shops. Retail trade of Avtur, Premium, Premix and Solar for car and motorcycle fuel at gas stations is included in the group 47301


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