Retail sale of cultural and recreation goods in specialized stores

List of business classifications grouped under G476 - Retail sale of cultural and recreation goods in specialized stores in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Retail trading of paper, carton paper and paper or carton goods

    Retail businesses specializing in paper, cardboard and paper or cardboard goods, such as HVS paper, doorslag paper, kraft paper, thin paper, tracing paper, colored paper, manila cardboard, buffalo skin cardboard, fiber board, wrapping paper, cardboard packaging for food or beverages, paper bags, coated paper or cardboard, stationery (stationary), stencil sheets, carbon paper and duplicator paper


    Retail sale of music and video recordings in specialized stores

    Retail businesses that are specialized in music and video recordings, such as audio tapes, CDs and cassettes and video tapes and DVDs. Includes retail trade of blank tapes and CD or DVDs.


    Retail trading specially in sporting equipment in stores

    Retail business specialized in sports equipment, such as various kinds of balls, rackets, nets, sticks, bat, archery equipment, fishing equipment, fencing equipment, parachuting equipment, roller skating or skate board, boxing gloves, dumbbells, bicycles. sports, chess equipment, billiard tables, ping pong tables, golf equipment, sports safety equipment, mattresses, spring boards, scoring boards, and boxing rings. Includes retail trade in camping equipment, standard boats and bicycles, racing bikes and mini-bicycles.

    Closed to foreign investment

    Retail sale of games and toys in specialized stores

    A retail trade business specifically for game tools and children's toys, such as dolls, marbles, bekel, congklak, scrables, carroms, toys in the form of musical instruments, toy cars, toys in the form of weapons, toys in the form of cooking tools and toys in the form of furniture. household made of various materials.


    Retail trading writing tools and images

    Retail businesses specializing in writing and drawing tools, such as pencils, pens, markers, ballpoint pens, sign pens, mechanical pencils, compasses, drawing brushes, rapido, crayons and pastels, blackboards, drawing tables, white boards, tools. - screen printing tools, writing machine tape, watercolor, oil paint, rubber eraser, wood eraser, tip-ex, ink, pencil sharpener, ruler and chalk


    Retail trade of printing and publishing results

    Retail business specifically for printing and publishing, such as invoices, notes, receipts, business cards, etiquette, envelopes, agendas, address books, greeting cards, postcards, stamps, stamps, albums, notebooks, picture books, paper lined, graph paper, atlases, braile letters, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, dictionaries, science books and picture books.


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