Retail sale of food, beverages and tobacco in specialized stores

List of business classifications grouped under G472 - Retail sale of food, beverages and tobacco in specialized stores in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Know retail trading, tempe, tauco and oncom

    Retail businesses specializing in tofu, tempeh, tauco and oncom inside the building

    Closed to foreign investment

    Retail trading of processed meat and fish

    Retail trading businesses specifically for various types of processed meat and fish, shrimp, shellfish salted or dried in buildings, such as sausages, meatballs, shredded fish, anchovies, cucut, selar, grouper, shrimp, rebon, petek, cork sepat, squid, crab, mussels and mussels

    Closed to foreign investment

    Retail trading other food

    Retail business specifically for industrial food commodities that have not been included in the group 47241 to 47245 in the building, such as pickled fruits and vegetables, preserved fruits and vegetables, crackers and chips or ceriping.

    Closed to foreign investment

    Retail rice trading

    Retail businesses specializing in various types of rice in buildings, such as cianjur rice, cisadane rice, saigon rice and glutinous rice.

    Closed to foreign investment

    Retail trading of bread, cake dry, and wet cakes and they like

    Retail trading businesses specifically for various types of bread, pastries and cakes in the building, such as sweet bread, white bread, sponge cake, cake or tart, biscuits, wafers, semprong cakes and cookies.

    Closed to foreign investment

    Retail trading coffee, sand sugar and red sugar

    Retail trade, specifically coffee, sugar or brown sugar in buildings.

    Closed to foreign investment

    Retail trade of other agricultural products

    Retail trading businesses specifically for agricultural commodities that are not included in the 47211 to 47216 groups in buildings such as pepper, nutmeg, turmeric, kencur, ginger, galangal and honey.


    Retail trade of nonalcoholic beverages

    Retail businesses specializing in non-alcoholic drinks inside buildings that are not immediately drunk on the spot, such as soft drinks (lemonade, soda water, passion fruit, bottled tea, mineral water and kencur rice). Includes retail trade in coffee drinks.

    Closed to foreign investment

    Retail sale of tobacco products in specialized stores

    Retail trade, specifically cigarettes and or or indoor tobacco, such as clove cigarettes, white cigarettes, cigars, rhubarb cigarettes, krosok tobacco, chafing tobacco and pipe or papier tobacco.


    Retail trade of livestock products

    Retail trade specifically for indoor livestock products, such as milk and eggs, as well as meat and poultry


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