Sawmilling and planing of wood

List of business classifications grouped under C161 - Sawmilling and planing of wood in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Wood preservation industry

    Wood preservation by drying wood, chemical processing and soaking wood with preservatives or other materials.


    Preservation industry of rattan, bamboo and the like

    Businesses to preserve rattan, bamboo and the like

    Closed to foreign investment

    Rattan processing industry

    The business of processing rattan into semi-finished materials, such as polished rattan, rattan hearts and rattan bark


    Wood sawning industry

    The businesses of sawing, shrinking, slicing, peeling and cutting logs into blocks, rafters (usuk), battens, boards and so on. Including the wood industry for railroad bearings, wood for flooring and wood wool, wood flour, wedges and wood particles


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