Sound recording and music publishing activities

List of business classifications grouped under J592 - Sound recording and music publishing activities in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Music publishing activities and music books

    Music publishing businesses, such as obtaining and recording copyrights for musical compositions, promotion, endorsement and use of compositions in recording, radio, television, film, live shows, print and other media and the distribution of sound recordings to wholesalers, retail or direct. to society. Includes publishing music books and sheet music books

    Closed to foreign investment

    Voice recording activities

    The business of making original sound master recordings on phonograph records, tapes, compact discs (CD) and the like and sound recording service activities in studios or other places, including recorded (indirect) radio programming results, audio for films, television and others. Film and video recording publications belong to the group 59131 and 59132. The publishing of computer software belongs to the group 58200.

    Closed to foreign investment

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