Support activities to agriculture and post-harvest crop activities

List of business classifications grouped under A016 - Support activities to agriculture and post-harvest crop activities in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Other livestock support services

    Businesses engaged in other animal husbandry support services on a fee or contract basis, such as shearing livestock, cleaning livestock sheds, as well as grass-seeking services, animal care and care and livestock grazing. Including farrier activities (horseshoe workers)


    Post-harvest crop activities

    Post-harvest businesses which include efforts to prepare agricultural crops for sale, such as cleaning, sorting, stripping, sun drying and packing of various agricultural products on a fee or contract basis. These include crop disinfectants, cotton seed separation, tobacco leaf preparation, cocoa bean preparation and fruit waxing.


    Seed processing for propagation

    All post-harvest activities aimed at improving the development of seed quality through sifting of non-seed material, seeds that are too small, mechanically damaged seeds or damage to seeds due to insects and immature seeds, and also maintaining seed moisture to a safe condition seed store. This activity includes drying, cleaning, sorting and so on until the seeds are marketed. The maintenance of modified seeds is also included here.


    Livestock marriage services

    Businesses engaged in the marriage of livestock on a fee or contract basis, such as artificial insemination, breeding services.


    Egg hatching services

    Businesses engaged in hatching eggs on a fee or contract basis


    Livestock health services

    Businesses that operate in the field of health services or livestock treatment on a fee or contract basis


    Harvesting services

    The business of harvesting crops on a fee or contract basis


    Spraying and pollination services by air

    Airborne spraying and pollination with special aircraft under certain circumstances.


    Other agricultural support services

    Other agricultural support services that are not included in the agricultural support services group above, such as the implementation of irrigation or watering as well as the provision of agricultural tools and their operators, maintenance and maintenance of agricultural equipment on the basis of fees or contracts. Specialized agricultural equipment rental without an operator is included in 77305


    Land processing services

    The business of cultivating agricultural land for food crops and plantations on the basis of fee or contract with the aim of preparing for planting, both in paddy fields and dry land.


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