Support services to forestry

List of business classifications grouped under A024 - Support services to forestry in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Other forestry support services

    Other forestry service businesses that are not included in the 02401 to 02405 groups, such as wood evaluation activities, forest fire suppression and pest control and timber felling services, as well as timber transportation services in the forest.


    Social forestry rehabilitation and restoration services

    Efforts in the framework of land rehabilitation and social forestry both in and in forest areas


    Forestry services forest planning field

    Forestry service businesses in the framework of preparing basic data such as forest inventory, measurement and delimitation, and remote sensing image interpretation.


    Certification, inspection, and verification services of forestry products

    Efforts in the framework of timber certification, inspection, and verification of community or community plantation forest products


    Services for use of forest area outside the forestry sector

    Forestry services in the field of forest area use or planning in the framework of preparing basic data on forest management in the area for businesses outside the forestry sector.


    Forest protection and natural conservation services

    Businesses in the context of supporting forest protection and nature conservation activities, such as ANDAL or PIL (Environmental Information Monitoring) services, UKL (Environmental Management Business), UPL (Environmental Monitoring Business). This includes carbon storage and sequestration services


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