Technical testing and analysis

List of business classifications grouped under M712 - Technical testing and analysis in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Calibration or metrology services

    The activities of certification bodies or calibrators to check or test or maintain a measuring device or measuring device, for example, road scales, gas station meters, etc. so that these tools are believed to be valid for a specified period and include activities of calibration agencies that perform services. calibration of measuring instruments at agencies or industries or other organizations as requested, for example calibration of pressure gauges, thermometers, scales and so on


    Analysis and other technical test

    Other technical analysis and testing services that have not been classified in 71201 to 71204, for example the operation of laboratory security and order, inspection of radioactive equipment and classification of ships. Medical tests were included in the groups 86901 through 86903.


    Laboratory testing services

    Physical, chemical, biological, electrical, mechanical and other analysis activities of all types of materials and products which includes testing activities in the field of food health, including animal disease testing and control related to food production; acoustic and vibration (vibration) test, mineral composition and purity test and so on, physical characteristics and material performance tests such as strength, thickness, durability, radioactivity and others, qualification and endurance tests, performance tests of whole machines such as motors, automobiles , electronic equipment, telecommunication equipment testing, medical laboratory testing, etc., failure analysis, test and measurement of environmental indicators such as air and water pollution, tests using models or models such as airplanes, ships, dams and others. Including police laboratory operational activities. Medical tests were included in the groups 86901 through 86903.

    Closed to foreign investment

    Periodic inspection services

    The activities of examining the design of a product, product, service and process. Activities covered in this activity are for example inspection, press equipment, pre-shipment, production process, maintenance or maintenance, periodic checks regarding the safety of motorized vehicles. Does not include building or building inspection services (71100).


    Installation engineering inspection services

    Inspection activities of an installation design and installation process, for example, inspection of electrical installations and other installations

    Closed to foreign investment

    Certification services

    Activities of product certification bodies, quality management systems, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), environmental management systems, food safety management systems, ecolabels, information security management systems, occupational safety and health management systems (SMK3), certification systems. organic food, sustainable production forest processing systems, timber legality verification systems and others. Including laboratory and calibration activities that produce certificates


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