List of business classifications grouped under J61 - Telecommunications in Indonesia.

KBLI Name Description Status

Other telecommunication activities ytdl

Other telecommunications operation businesses that have not been covered elsewhere. Included in this group are the activity of selling pulses, both pulse and electronic vouchers and sales of cellular phone starter packs


Basic phone return services

The business of providing resale services for basic telephony services, such as telephone shops (wartels) that provide telephone, facsimile, telex and telegraph services.


Telecommunication activities specifically for your own purposes

Telecommunications operations that are specifically used for personal use in terms of developing hobbies and personal training


Telecommunication activities specifically for security defense needs

Telecommunications operations that are specifically used for the purposes of state defense and security


Internet access return services

The business of providing internet access resale services such as Internet Cafes or Internet Cafes.


Content provider services through a mobile mobile network or local fixed networks with limited mobility

A service business for providing content through a cellular mobile network or local fixed network without cable with limited mobility which is charged through deductions for prepaid deposits or postpaid telephone bills for subscribers of cellular mobile networks and local fixed networks without cables with limited mobility. The content provided is all forms of information which can be in the form of text, images, sound, animation, or a combination of all in digital form, including application software for download.


Other multimedia services

Other multimedia service activities not yet covered by the 61921 to 61924 groups


Telecommunication activities specifically for broadcasting

Telecommunications operations specifically used for broadcasting purposes, the characteristics of which are one-way radiating and continuous; received directly by the recipient; is fixed and mobile; display pictures and or sound; and broadcasting for the wider community. Usually the organizer of this activity leases a network as a means of transmission for broadcasting purposes from other telecommunications network operations


Communication system services

Communication system service activities, such as VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) services. VSAT is a system that can be used for sending voice, image, data, information and packages. Those using the VSAT facility are RPUU, Radio Trunking, STBS and others


Internet telephone services for public purposes (itkp)

A service business for transmitting calls over an Internet Protocol (IP) network. This activity organizes internet telephony of a commercial nature, linked to a telecommunication network


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