Transportation and storage

List of business classifications grouped under H - Transportation and storage in Indonesia.

KBLI Name Description Status

Courer activities

Goods delivery service businesses carried out by the private sector in addition to the shipping activities imposed by universal post. Its activities include collection, processing, transportation and delivery both domestically and internationally. This activity can be carried out through one or more modes of transportation, either by own transportation or by public transportation

Closed to foreign investment

Courier agent activities

Private service businesses as business partners for courier providers that carry out goods collection activities both domestically and internationally. This group does not include processing, transportation and delivery

Closed to foreign investment

Post agent

Private service businesses as business partners of postal operators that carry out goods receiving activities, both domestic and international. This group does not include processing, transportation and delivery


Other transport support activities ytdl

Shipping and packing businesses of other large volumes of goods, other than those included in groups 52291 to 52294, such as ship services for transporting valuables from the sinking shipwreck. Packing services on a fee basis or contract that have nothing to do with transportation activities are included in Packing Services (82920).


Universal post

Service businesses for mailing letters, postal notes, postcards, printed materials, newspapers, small packages, postal parcels, money orders and postal giro, both domestic and overseas. This includes activities related to the printing, processing and delivery of business letters, brochures and invoices managed by the National Post

With restrictions

Commercial posts

This group is all postal service delivery activities carried out by postal operators and rates are set by postal operators based on a cost-based calculation formula stipulated by a Ministerial Regulation.


Ship expedition activities (emkl)

The business of shipping and or or packing large volumes of goods which are transported by sea.


Aircraft content expedition (empu) activities

The business of shipping and or or packing large volumes of goods which are transported by air


Multimode transport

The transportation of goods using at least 2 (two) different modes of transportation on the basis of 1 (one) contract as a multimodal transportation document from one place where goods are received by a multimodal transportation business entity to a place determined for delivery of goods to the recipient of freight goods. multimodal. Multimodal transportation business entities not only provide goods transportation services from the place of origin to their destination, but also provide additional services in the form of freight forwarding, warehousing services, cargo consolidation services, provision of cargo space, and customs clearance for multimodal transportation. abroad and into the country.


Cargo handling (bullet of goods)

The business of loading and unloading goods and or or passenger luggage from land transportation, road transportation, water transportation and transportation on a fee or contract basis. Activities include loading and unloading goods or luggage (passenger goods) regardless of the type of transport used, ship loading and unloading activities and vehicle loading and unloading activities using freight wagons.

Closed to foreign investment

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