Warehousing and storage

List of business classifications grouped under H521 - Warehousing and storage in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Bounded warehousing activities or binding areas

    Businesses or activities that are part of the customs area which under government regulation are given special treatment such as being outside the customs area and managed by an entity in the form of a company carrying out warehousing activities, such as the Batam Island Industrial Area.


    Storage and other storage

    Warehousing and other storage businesses that are not yet included in the 52101 to 52103 groups


    Storage and storage

    Businesses that carry out temporary storage of goods before the goods are sent to their final destination, for commercial purposes


    Cold storage activities

    The business of storing goods that require refrigeration within a certain period of preservation on a fee or contract basis, before the goods are shipped to their final destination. Also included in this group are the blast freezing warehouses.


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