Water collection, treatment and supply

List of business classifications grouped under E36 - Water collection, treatment and supply in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Storage, purification and distribution of drinking water

    The business of taking water directly from springs and groundwater as well as purifying surface water from water sources and channeling drinking water directly from water terminals through pipelines, tank cars (provided that the tankers are still under the same administrative management of the drinking water company. said) to be sold to consumers or customers, such as households, government agencies or institutions or agencies, social agencies, state-owned enterprises, private companies or businesses including hotels, processing industries and shops.


    Raw water storage and distribution

    The business of supplying and distributing raw water for industrial purposes, power generation and others. This group also includes irrigation network management activities, but does not cover the operation of irrigation equipment such as spraying equipment for agricultural purposes.

    Closed to foreign investment

    Water management support activities

    Businesses or activities that are directly related to the business of procuring and distributing clean water, such as meter recording services, billing and other supporting activities. Activities in this group include the distribution of water carried out by individuals such as water traders, push or push or tank cars.

    Closed to foreign investment

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