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Our consultancy services enable foreign entrepreneurs and investors to register their businesses in Indonesia without unnecessary stress and hurdles.


What does Emerhub provide you?

Business licenses and a commercial address
We provide you with the essential business licenses required for operation and a commercial address.
Company setup without physical appearance
We complete the entire company setup without you being physically available.
Corporate secretary and nominee treasurer services.
We will provide you the corporate secretary and nominee treasurer services so you can maintain records and have general financial oversight.
Hybrid Setup via virtual offices.
We help companies start hybrid businesses in industries where people can work from home.
Assistance in entity selection
We can help you pick the most suitable idea for your business and even help you get any secondary licenses that you might need.
Payroll processing and records keeping
We provide comprehensive payroll processing and records-keeping services to ensure that your company’s financial operations run smoothly.

All of this begins at a budget-friendly starting point of $1500

What types of companies can a foreigner register in Indonesia?

Foreigners can register several types of companies in Indonesia, including:

Most Popular

Limited liability company (PT PMA)

The most common choice for foreign investors launching businesses in Indonesia is a Limited Liability Company (PT PMA), ideal for 100% foreign ownership across various sectors like retail, IT, tech, and services.

Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)

For those aiming to initiate modest operations in Indonesia with lower paid-up capital, an SPV could be ideal. Emerhub’s expert consultants can consult you to establish an SPV with full ownership, a resident director, and a complimentary virtual address for smooth functioning.

Representative office (KP3A, KPPA)

If you have an existing foreign-registered company, a representative office in Indonesia could be suitable, with no minimum capital needs; it serves as a hub for market research, product promotion, and networking in the country.

Register smartly with our consultancy in Indonesia!

What is the process for business registration in Indonesia?


Contact emerhub and describe your planned indonesia business idea to our consultants.


We complete all the required information and documentation and file the application to the authorities on your behalf.


Your organization becomes registered and starts operating


Receive additional industry-specific licenses (if required)

Things to know when setting up a PT PMA in Indonesia

Planning your Investment
It’s important to have a well-thought-out investment plan that outlines how you intend to contribute to the Indonesian economy. Once your company is incorporated, you’ll need to have a paid-up capital of at least Rp. 2.5 billion.
Ownership and Personnel
Your company should have a minimum of two shareholders, which can include individuals and corporate entities. It’s also necessary to appoint an Indonesian resident director and have at least one commissioner who will oversee executive functions.
Next Steps After Incorporation
Once your company is officially incorporated, there might be specific business categories that require additional licenses. You’ll also need to have a registered commercial address, which Emerhub can assist you with.
Understanding Foreign Ownership Restrictions (KBLI)
Keep in mind the business classification limitations (KBLI) in Indonesia. These limitations are in place to control the level of foreign ownership in certain sectors, ensuring that key areas are safeguarded for domestic interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

With Emerhub’s consultancy, it takes almost 4 weeks to register an entity or company.

For registering your organization in Indonesia, you’re required to have at least two shareholders and a capital statement letter.

Foreign companies operating in Indonesia are required to have at least 2 shareholders, and while in many instances Indonesian law permits complete foreign ownership, there are specific exceptions to this rule.

The standard registration price for a business establishment in Indonesia is $2000. Contact and consult Emerhub for a custom quote.

The number of KITAS (temporary stay permit cards) you can sponsor is not regulated by law. Any shareholder who fulfills the legal requirements is entitled to receive an investor KITAS.

No, there are no restrictions; a company can appoint an unlimited number of shareholders or directors.

No, you can use a capital statement letter from Emerhub as it is sufficient to register a foreign-owned entity in Indonesia. After that, you can transfer the capital when the company is registered and a bank account is set up.

Tax rates for foreign-owned companies depend on their revenue and profitability, mirroring the tax rates applicable to local companies; as a result, Indonesian and foreign companies are subject to the same tax rates.

Client Testimonials

We regularly use Emerhub for various licensing and permitting processes in Indonesia and the service has always been superb. For our latest project Chona and the rest of the Emerhub team have assisted us with a complex import licensing process, which was completed in the middle of the Covid-19 lockdown – far above and beyond expectations! We look forward to working together with the Emerhub team on future projects, and would not hesitate to recommend their services, which are unmatched in the Indonesian market.

Filipp Levin

They were very reliable and helpful in understanding the company registration process in Indonesia.

Melissa Lou

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