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Purchase medical grade nitrile gloves from Vietnam

Need a reliable supplier of medical grade nitrile gloves?

Emerhub’s close network of manufacturers and distributors are approved by the Vietnamese Government for international shipments. 

During these trying times, we understand the importance of having a supplier that you can trust to deliver. We are here to get you a medical grade glove supplier that can cater to your specifications.


Lower pricing and flexible payment terms?

Get competitive pricing and flexible payment terms. By using Emerhub, you can get deals with smaller down payments than if you liaise directly with Vietnamese manufacturers. 

Maintain peace of mind. Our suppliers use Letter of Credits as their main payment method to keep your international transactions safe.

Reliable shipping and logistics management

Emerhub will coordinate logistics with our trusted transportation partners until your shipment arrives safely. We will take care of:

Government approval
Acquiring necessary certification
Ensuring your shipment abides by Vietnamese regulations
Booking freight containers in a sparse and competitive market
Booking reliable and safe transportation
Passing quality inspections of your cargo at the Vietnamese border

We regularly use Emerhub for various licensing and permitting processes in Indonesia and the service has always been superb. For our latest project Chona and the rest of the Emerhub team have assisted us with a complex import licensing process, which was completed in the middle of the Covid-19 lockdown – far above and beyond expectations! We look forward to working together with the Emerhub team on future projects, and would not hesitate to recommend their services, which are unmatched in the Indonesian market.

Emerhub client
Filipp Levin
, flevin.com

The staff at Emerhub was extremely patient in answering my questions over an extended research period. Once the right structure for our PMA was clarified the actual creation of the entity was quite quick and easy.

Emerhub client
Gove DePuy
Managing Director, go-biji.com

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