Fredrika Martha Emerhub Bali

Fredrika Martha

Fredrica Martha is a Senior Account Manager at Emerhub in Bali.

Fredrica is a Senior Account Manager at Emerhub in Bali. Her role involves lead generation, client management, and market advisory. At Emerhub, Fredrica’s daily activities include educating clients to help them understand the Indonesian market, company establishment, and compliance requirements post-establishment. She also provides additional services, such as import duties and product registration. 

Before Emerhub, she worked as a business consultant in a market entry consulting firm based in Hong Kong, focusing on helping companies and brands enter the Indonesian market from a business perspective, excluding legal, administrative, and compliance aspects. Her professional journey also includes a tenure as a Research and Development Manager in a startup, with a substantial background in research, particularly qualitative research related to consumer behaviour and decision-making in the Indonesian market.

Fredrica’s previous experience in research and business market entry has equipped her with insights into the Indonesian consumer market, aiding her in advising clients on product or property-based market entries. Her personal goal is to venture into the agriculture business, leveraging her experiences at Emerhub, particularly in sales, to gain comprehensive knowledge and expertise to support her entrepreneurial aspirations in the future.


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