Where to hire

The Philippines is a vast country with a population of over 110 million people living in around 2000 islands (not to mention the additional 5000+ islands that are uninhabited). This means that there are vast regional differences when it comes to hiring. Here we highlight the three most popular regions among foreign companies to employ Filipino workers.

Metro Manila 

  • Major universities and colleges are located in the city.
  • Manila is the business district or economic capital of the Philippines
  • BPO call centers, IT enabled services, Banking & Financial services, Computer software developers, Telecommunications, and Entertainment, Real estate agents. 


  • City which was mostly influenced by Spanish. Very rich in culture and diverse foreign languages. Similar to Manila, Cebu has major colleges that produce excellent English speaking students / graduates. 
  • BPO call centers, IT enabled services, English teachers, Health & Medical services, Nurses and Caregivers, Hotel and Restaurant Services. 

Clark Pampanga 

  • Fast emerging city for BPO and IT due to expansion of companies from Manila to Clark free port zone. 
  • Excellent opportunity for IOR service.
  • Central Luzon is one of the leading growth regions in the Philippines. It is strategically located at the heart of Asia, and no other place with sea and air travel and cargo facilities can equal Central Luzon in terms of almost equal travel time in Asia. Its location has been central enough for the area to be the choice of FedEx’s Asia One Hub and the United Parcel Services (UPS).
  • BPO call centers, IT enabled services, Importer and exporter services. Factory workers, auto mechanics and other blue collar jobs.