Payroll Management in the Philippines

Payroll management in the Philippines is more than computing wages and taxes. You also have to consider mandatory contributions and benefits, special rates, and allowances.

Through Emerhub’s payroll management services, you can leave payroll tasks at the hands of experts.

Advantages of Using Emerhub’s Payroll Management Service

  • Lower overhead costs. There will be no need to hire internal staff or buy expensive accounting software when you outsource payroll and accounting tasks to Emerhub.
  • Accurate monthly payroll. Our payroll experts will accurately compute your employees’ wages including any holiday or night shift rates if applicable. We will also compute their taxes and mandatory contributions.
  • Knowledge of local laws and regulations. Our team has a deep understanding of the local laws relevant to payroll. We will advise you on relevant laws and regulations and ensure you remain compliant.

Payroll Management by Emerhub

  • Assigned payroll expert
  • Computation and distribution of salaries
  • Management of Mandatory Contributions
  • Computing and Withholding Taxes

Our payroll staff knows local employment laws and regulations very well. We will assign someone from our team to take care of your payroll each month and to act as your point person. Our staff will also advise and assist you when the authorities implement new regulations.

We will accurately compute your employees’ salaries, taking into account holiday pay and night shift rates whenever required. We will also compute your employees’ taxes and mandatory contributions. Along with this, we will withhold and facilitate the payment of taxes and mandatory contributions.