Complete Guide to Setting Up a Trading Company in Vietnam

Various trade agreements and increasing openness to foreign investment have resulted in lucrative opportunities for foreign investors in Vietnam’s trading sector. Foreign investors are allowed to set up 100% foreign-owned trading companies in Vietnam and can now do it without having prior experience in trading business as required previously. In this article, we will demonstrate […]

How to Calculate Import Tax and Duty in Vietnam

Imports to Vietnam are growing steadily every year. In this article, we will provide you some insights on how to calculate import tax and duty in Vietnam. 7 key facts about import to Vietnam Before diving into import taxes in Vietnam, here’s a quick overview of some essential points you should know about importing to […]

2017 Guide to Import to Vietnam

Vietnam is among the fastest-growing economies in the world. However, despite becoming a more open economy, import to Vietnam is still highly regulated by the government. In this article, we shed light on some of the key elements you need to know when planning to import to Vietnam. Why import to Vietnam? Quickly developing infrastructure […]

Using Importer of Record Service to Import Goods to Southeast Asia

The governments highly regulate import to most countries in Southeast Asia. As a foreign resident or a company, you would first need to set up a company and apply for import licenses before you could start importing. Depending on the product and the market, this could all take up to 3-6 months. Fortunately, there is […]