Setting Up an Import Company in Bangladesh

Are you planning to import goods to Bangladesh? In this article, we provide you with a step by step overview of setting up an import company in Bangladesh and offer an alternative if you wish to start importing immediately. Who can import to Bangladesh? Bangladesh allows import companies to be 100% foreign-owned.  An import company […]

How to Build a Lean Emerging Markets Strategy

Doing business in developing economies can be a challenge even for larger companies. Emerging markets are unpredictable and what works in one market often doesn’t work in another. However, the key to success here is to use your resources wisely and find strategies that fit emerging markets. We have put together this article to show […]

How To Send Products for Export from Bali?

Do you have products you wish to ship or export from Bali? Whether the shipment contains art, furniture, home decor or other items, the key is finding the most favorable way to export products from Bali. This article demonstrates the easiest way to send products abroad from Bali –  undername export. Alternatively, we also show […]

Using Importer of Record Service to Import Goods to Southeast Asia

The governments highly regulate import to most countries in Southeast Asia. As a foreign resident or a company, you would first need to set up a company and apply for import licenses before you could start importing. Depending on the product and the market, this could all take up to 3-6 months. Fortunately, there is […]

How to Calculate Custom Duty and Import Tax in Indonesia

According to OEC Indonesia imported $178B worth of goods, making Indonesia the 27th largest importer in the world. This article will provide you insights on how to calculate import tax in Indonesia and what are the prerequisites of becoming an importer. If you want to import faster or don’t want to establish an import company […]