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Indonesia Visa Overstay Fine Rises Sharply from May 2019

Are you in a situation where your stay permit in Indonesia is about to expire? Or your visa in Indonesia has already expired, but you haven’t left the country? Make sure to get your visa documentation in order as soon as possible as Indonesia has significantly raised the daily penalty for overstaying a visa in […]

Why You Need to Apply for an Exit Permit Only/EPO in Indonesia

If you are a foreigner holding a temporary stay permit (KITAS) in Indonesia, keep in mind that you must apply for an Exit Permit Only (EPO) if you change jobs, leave Indonesia or shift from one form of KITAS to another. Not doing so can lead to complications such as refusal to allow you to […]

How To Get Business Visa In Indonesia

Foreign entrepreneurs in Indonesia can apply for a business visa in Indonesia. What are the precise activities you can engage in? For instance, come to Indonesia to conduct business activities and study the market. Meanwhile, note that being employed in Indonesia is not allowed. Although applying for a business visa is remarkably easier than it […]

Short stay visa on arrival in Indonesia

Indonesia offers various types of visa on arrival option. A short stay visa in Indonesia is even free and available to nationals from 169 countries. In this article, we cover the three best options to stay in Indonesia for short term. Choosing the correct visa for short term stay in Indonesia You should choose the […]