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Expat Guide to Buying Property in Vietnam

There is a common misconception that foreign citizens or companies cannot buy property in Vietnam. In reality, it is possible, but there are certain conditions that you need to bear in mind in order to make a purchase. This guide sheds light on the ways that foreign investors can obtain property in Vietnam. This article […]

Choosing a Business Location in Vietnam: Districts of Ho Chi Minh City Explained

How to navigate the districts and choose a suitable business location in bustling Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam’s largest economic hub? We have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you out, with the more significant business districts of Ho Chi Minh City explained. Guide to Ho Chi Minh City’s districts Ho Chi Minh City, […]

How Can You Legally Work in Vietnam?

Are you going to work in Vietnam? This article will explain the kind of visas and permits you will need to work in Vietnam legally. Who must apply for a Work Permit and Business Visa in Vietnam and what are the crucial timelines? The Temporary Residence Card is not designated to all foreigners – but […]

14 Insider Tips for Making the Most Out of Living and Doing Business in Vietnam

How many of us have ever thought “I wish I had known that before moving to Vietnam or starting a business here”? We have written many articles that share advice for living and doing business in Vietnam (for example, this one), however, this time we decided to reach out to various people to get their perspective on […]