What is the Corporate Structure in Indonesia?

Corporate structure in Indonesia is the same for most foreign-owned companies. However, it is often that the organizational layout in Indonesia is confusing foreign entrepreneurs. What roles are the shareholder, commissioner, and director playing in your company in Indonesia? Who can access your corporate bank account? How to terminate a director or a commissioner? Foreign-owned […]

Always Up-To-Date Guide to Foreign Owned Company Registration in Indonesia

Did you know that in Indonesia, businesses with even 1% of foreign shareholders are considered foreign-owned companies? Or that you have to choose your office location before submitting the investment application? In this article, we will give you a thorough overview of the process of foreign-owned company registration in Indonesia. The laws and regulations regarding […]

6 Essential Rules for Choosing PT PMA Name in Indonesia

There are certain precepts for choosing the legal name for your foreign company in Indonesia. It is not rare that PT PMA name applications get rejected for various reasons. Which is why we have put together a list of guidelines to help you choose a suitable name for your foreign company in Indonesia. What does […]

Minimum Capital in Indonesia for a Foreign Owned Company (PT PMA)

What is the minimum capital in Indonesia and does it all need to be paid up in advance? These are the most frequent questions foreign investors ask when considering opening a foreign-owned company (PT PMA) in Indonesia. In this article, we will answer these questions and explain the differences between paid-up capital and an investment plan. […]

Opening a Construction Company in Indonesia

Latest changes to the Negative Investment List revised how foreign investors can open a construction company in Indonesia. There are two ways in opening a construction company in Indonesia – by establishing a limited liability company (PT PMA) or via Foreign Construction Service Representative Office (BUJKA).

Foreign Ownership Restrictions and Negative Investment List

How much of the shares can you own in a company in Indonesia? Are foreigners allowed to hold shares in an Indonesian company? All foreign ownership restrictions are regulated by Law of Investment (25/2007) and  presidential decree (36/2010) called the Negative Investment List (DNI). Latest update on 2014 Negative Investment List can be found here. Note […]