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How To Send Products for Export from Bali?

Do you have products you wish to ship or export from Bali? Whether the shipment contains art, furniture, home decor or other items, the key is finding the most favorable way to export products from Bali. This article demonstrates the easiest way to send products abroad from Bali –  undername export. Alternatively, we also show […]

Using Importer of Record Service to Import Goods to Southeast Asia

The governments highly regulate import to most countries in Southeast Asia. As a foreign resident or a company, you would first need to set up a company and apply for import licenses before you could start importing. Depending on the product and the market, this could all take up to 3-6 months. Fortunately, there is […]

7 Common Mistakes To Prevent When You Set Up Company In Vietnam

There are many slips that may occur when starting a new company, especially in an emerging market. This article will give you some heads up on seven most common mistakes foreign investors make when they start to set up company in Vietnam.  #1 Thinking that a local partner is required for every type of business […]

9 non-core activities you should outsource when expanding to emerging markets

Outsourcing is a popular way for corporations to reduce expenses, increase flexibility and acquire additional competencies. However, it is also an effective way for expanding to emerging markets. In this article we will show you why outsourcing should be an integral part of your market entry strategy. Either thinking of Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines or […]

Undername Import: Importing Goods to Indonesia without Licenses and Incorporating

Opening an import company in Indonesia can take four to five months or even longer. And having import license is required for even very small shipments. If you don’t want to wait for that long or cannot / don’t want to meet all the import company requirements there are  good news though – in this […]