Tax Reporting for Businesses in Bali

Tax reporting is a necessary part of doing and managing a business. Emerhub provides services to help you file taxes for your business. Our team will ensure that you adhere to tax regulations in Bali.

Corporate Income Tax

Corporate income tax is part of the monthly tax report that businesses in Bali must submit. The corporate income tax rate for businesses in Bali ranges from 11% to 22% depending on the business’s gross income. Newer companies with a gross income of IDR 4.8 billion or less only pay 0.5% in corporate income tax.

Local Taxes

“Tourism taxes” is a term often used for local taxes. Services provided in hospitality businesses are subject to local taxes. Local tax rates in Bali vary depending on the type of hospitality business. They also vary across regencies and cities in Bali.

Businesses charge this tax to customers and must add it to the invoice. Note that even if the business does not pay these taxes, it is part of their tax report.

Tax Reporting by Emerhub

Emerhub offers tax services to help you maintain compliance with Indonesian tax laws. Outsourcing tax services to Emerhub is a cost-effective solution to tax reporting. Our accounting team stays on top of changes to rules and regulations. We will ensure that your tax report is always accurate. 

Our tax services include:

  • Computing your business’ taxes
  • Preparing tax reports
  • Preparing statutory financial statements
  • Payment of taxes

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