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Business Opportunities in Bali: New Positive Investment List

The new positive investment list in Indonesia opens up several new business lines to 100% foreign ownership that are especially attractive to foreigners looking to business in Bali.

renting out villa in Bali

A Guide to Renting out Villas in Bali as a Foreign Investor

Run a villa rental business in Bali legally and safely. Here’s what you need to know to protect your investment and avoid unnecessary losses.


Employer of Record Indonesia

Employer of record service in Indonesia. Hire employees without a local entity.

Hire employees in Indonesia without a local entity

Employer of Record (EOR) service lets you build a team in Indonesia without registering a company or managing local tax and compliance.

Employer of Record in Indonesia

The easiest way to hire employees in Indonesia

Setting up a company and hiring employees comes with a lot of bureaucracy. Let Emerhub hire your employees in Indonesia on your behalf.

Employment contracts prepared and signed by Emerhub
Emerhub collects all the documents from your employees and signs employment contracts with them based on your requirements.
Employees get local HR support
Our team serves as your outsourced HR team and handles any questions or issues your Indonesian employees might have
One monthly invoice
Once a month send us your salary adjustments, bonuses, reimbursements, etc. We will manage all the payroll and send you one invoice.
Provide your team work stations and laptops
Don’t want your team to work from home or need to provide them tools? Tell Emerhub what you need and we will take care of that.

Build a business in Indonesia without setting up a company

You don’t need to register a company to hire full-time employees in Indonesia. Using Emerhub as an Employer of Record allows you to quickly start hiring local customer support, sales, engineers, etc.


You choose the talent, we take care of the legalities

You need a way to legally hire your offshore employees. That’s where Emerhub’s Employer of Record service comes in.

You choose who you want to hire. We can help you find and recruit but the hiring decisions are made by you. The remote employees work directly for you. We take care of the contracts, payroll and tax. 

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Business process outsourcing

Employer of Record

You manage projects and processes


HR matters are handled by the service provider


Decide who works on your project


Hiring remotely with Emerhub

  1. Choose the talent you want to hire or work with Emerhub’s recruiters to find them.
  2. Emerhub signs employment contracts with your employees and charges you a monthly service fee (15% of the salary).
  3. The employees will be working for you. You should treat them as your in-house employees. We will serve as the local HR department – manage the payroll, report taxes and answer any employment queries.
  4. We also provide work stations in our offices if you wish your employees to have a physical work station.

Get started with employer of record in Indonesia

Tell us briefly about the kind of employees you are planning to hire in Indonesia and our consultants will reach out to you to set up a cal.

bali incorporation

Double Taxation in Bali: What you need to know to avoid it.

Before transferring funds overseas, a business needs to be aware of tax implications to avoid double taxation. Here’s what you need to know.

Employer of Record

Outsourcing to the Philippines: How EOR outperforms BPO

There are several ways to outsource to the Philippines. This blog will explore where BPO’s fall short and how businesses looking to outsource to the Philippines can overcome these issues.

Extension of our team and business family

Buying Property in Bali

The Safe Way of Buying Property in Bali as a Foreigner

Buying property in Bali as a foreigner is possible. Here’s how to protect your investment.

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Nitrile Gloves in Bulk: How to get a Supplier during COVID

The increasing demand and the scarcity of supply is giving many distributors the option to push up the prices of nitrile gloves. It’s becoming increasingly important to find distributors that have a direct relationship with manufacturers and are more likely to have fair prices.

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