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Staff Augmentation: A lean way to enter emerging markets

Learn how to use dedicated outsourced teams to test new markets faster.

Buying Land in Bali – How to Avoid The Worst Notary Pitfalls

Foreigners interested in buying land in Bali should ensure they undertake proper due diligence. This includes utilizing the services of a reputable Public Notary.

The Safe Way of Buying Property in Bali as a Foreigner

Bali is not only a comprehensive travel and holiday destination, but an increasing number of foreigners are also investing in the island by buying property in Bali. However, not all foreigners buy property in Bali safely. It’s common practice for foreign investors to acquire property using a local individual nominee which gives the foreigner essentially […]

Who Are the Shareholders of GO-JEK?

Indonesia is home to four of Southeast Asia’s seven technology unicorns. Go-Jek, the ride-hailing, logistics, and payments giant, is the first Indonesian company to reach unicorn status (a valuation higher than USD 1 billion). Founded in 2010, Go-Jek boasts a fleet of over one million drivers and more than 18 app-based services. Go-Jek reached a […]

How to Build a Lean Emerging Markets Strategy

Doing business in developing economies can be a challenge even for larger companies. Emerging markets are unpredictable and what works in one market often doesn’t work in another. However, the key to success here is to use your resources wisely and find strategies that fit emerging markets. We have put together this article to show […]

How Outsourcing to the Philippines Can Boost Your Business

Businesses of all sizes have already been benefiting from outsourcing for years, and rightfully so. Outsourcing enables to unlock the true potential of a company and take advantage of today’s technologies. Among other top destinations, outsourcing to the Philippines is gathering pace. It is becoming one of the country’s leading industries, predominantly due to low […]

Understanding Indonesian Business Culture

The diverse and rich cultural dynamics dominate Indonesian business culture. By having a better understanding of it you increase your chances of doing business with Indonesian companies. Therefore, the best advice is to start with learning about Indonesian people and about the unwritten habits of the country and its organizations. In the following article we […]

Learn How Staff Augmentation in Vietnam Can Improve Your Business

The recruitment and management of new employees can always be a challenge, especially when you are new in a foreign market. How to make the process easier so that you could focus on delivering results? In this article, we have brought out some of the key advantages of using staff augmentation in Vietnam. What is […]

Business Process Outsourcing in Vietnam – Optimize Your Activities and Increase Profits

There are several business processes that are important, yet do not belong to your core business operations. How to optimize these activities and increase your company’s performance in Vietnam? In this article, we have listed reasons why you should consider business process outsourcing in Vietnam. What is business process outsourcing? Business process outsourcing (BPO) means that […]

Is Hanoi or HCMC a better business location in Vietnam?

Selecting a business location in Vietnam often comes down to seeing the pros and cons of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. And for a good reason as those are by far the biggest and most important hubs in Vietnam. However, we also explore some alternatives. How about building up your business in the major maritime […]