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How to Build a Customer Support Team in Indonesia

Building a customer support team in Indonesia can be a competitive advantage for your business. We highlight the importance, benefits, and how-to.

Top Cities in Indonesia to Hire Software Developers

Looking to hire software developers in Indonesia? We compile the top-recommended cities in Indonesia to hire software developers here.

hiring freelancers in Bali

5 Common Mistakes When Hiring Freelancers in Bali

There are still many aspects to keep in mind. Read the common mistakes that can ruin your experience when hiring freelancers in Bali.

What is employer of record

What is an employer of record?

What is an employer of record and how to use it to build global remote teams.

What Managing Emerhub Bali During the Past 5 Years Has Taught Me

Here are some ideas to share about management and running a business in an emerging market from Emerhub’s former Bali branch manager.

Common Mistakes With Starting a Business in Bali

Emerhub’s Bali Branch Manager joined in on a deep-dive open-format Q&A of SpeakUp Monday. Below is a short transcript of the interview.

Importing Civil Cryptography Products into Vietnam

A guide to getting cryptography products into Vietnam

How to Hire Independent Contractors in Indonesia

Here, we provide reasons when to hire independent contractors in Indonesia. We also show when and how to convert them into full-time employees in Indonesia.

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