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5 Ways to Take Money Out of Vietnam

A general understanding is that taking money out of Vietnam is difficult. In reality, it is not that complicated if you are familiar with the possibilities and have the relevant paperwork prepared. For this reason, we have put together the following article to present you the 5 ways of taking money out of a company […]

Complete Guide to Land Acquisition in Bali as a Foreigner

What is the process of land acquisition in Bali, which land certificates to choose, and what you need to keep in mind when selecting real estate and drafting agreements in Bali? This article was last updated in July 2019. Real estate rights in Bali According to the Agrarian Law No 5/1960, the following land titles […]

Undername Import: Importing Goods to Indonesia without Licenses and Incorporating

Opening an import company in Indonesia can take four to five months or even longer. And having import license is required for even very small shipments. If you don’t want to wait for that long or cannot / don’t want to meet all the import company requirements there are  good news though – in this […]