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Like a well-connected close friend or a trustworthy work colleague

After many weeks researching and contacting a dozen different agents, we finally shortlisted EMERHUB to help us obtain our first retirement KITAS visa.

One of the primary reasons we decided to use EMERHUB as our agent was because of the prompt and clear online communications with their Bali branch manager, Triin Tigane.

There were many other agents – with much lower fees – we had communicated with before our decision to use EMERHUB.

While doing our due diligence, we were not looking for the lowest fee … we were looking for a single person (or corporate team) we could easily communicate with on a one-on-one basis like a well-connected close friend or a trustworthy work colleague.

Andrew and Florence
Retirees in Bali, Canada

Professional and easy to work with

The team at Emerhub was extremely professional in helping us setting up our business in Bali, from incorporation to visas and now trademark registration. The experience of working together was easy and clear. We would happily recommend Emerhub to others looking for market entry support.”

Aaron Turner
Co-founder, Solace Float

Extremely patient

The staff at Emerhub was extremely patient in answering my questions over an extended research period. Once the right structure for our PMA was clarified the actual creation of the entity was quite quick and easy.

Gove DePuy
Managing Director,

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Proactive in keeping us up to date on the KITAS process

We have been working with Emerhib for over a year now. We have had our issues in the past with servicing and slow responses which is not the case now. A big shout out to Aisyah for displaying high level of professionalism. She is prompt and on point with her responses. Aisyah & the team were proactive on keeping us up to date on the Kitas process and renewal cycle.


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