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Don’t Get Deported from Bali – Here’s What You Are Not Allowed to Do With a Retirement KITAS

Immigration recently deported a Dutch woman (DMDG, 58) from Bali. Find out what you can and cannot do with a retirement KITAS.

What Managing Emerhub Bali During the Past 5 Years Has Taught Me

Here are some ideas to share about management and running a business in an emerging market from Emerhub’s former Bali branch manager.

Common Mistakes With Starting a Business in Bali

Emerhub’s Bali Branch Manager joined in on a deep-dive open-format Q&A of SpeakUp Monday. Below is a short transcript of the interview.

Leaving Bali

4 Things You Need to Do Before You Leave Bali

There are crucial things you need to do before leaving Bali. This article will cover the four things expats need to do to avoid issues in the future.

How to Apply for a Visit Visa for Bali

Find out how you can apply for a business visa for Bali while you are outside Indonesia during COVID.

Do digital nomads in Bali need to pay taxes

Do Digital Nomads in Bali Need to Pay Taxes?

Does the tax law in Indonesia applies to digital nomads in Bali and do they need to pay taxes? Let us make that clear for you.

Living in Bali as a Digital Nomad

Many digital nomads call Bali home. What do you need to do to legally live in Bali while freelancing or working on an online business?

How can business visa holders stay in Vietnam long-term? 

Learn about your options to stay in Vietnam long-term

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Indonesia Business Visa

Get a 60-day Indonesian visa for business and tourism (B211a)

Due to the pandemic, entering Indonesia remains restricted. B211a visa is the easiest way to get an Indonesian visa and stay in the country for up to 60 days.

Indonesia business visa

Business visa key requirements

Due to the pandemic, all foreigners arriving to Indonesia are subject to additional requirements.

Vaccination certificate with a QR code
A vaccination certificate that demonstrates that you have completed your vaccination process.
Personal bank account statement
Minimum balance available must follow Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration requirement
Return flight ticket
A flight ticket showing you will be leaving Indonesia before the visa expires.
Passport copy
The passport must be valid for at least 12 months.
Signed statement letter to comply with health protocol of Indonesia
Emerhub will prepare the draft for you to sign.
Travel and/or health insurance
It has to cover your stay in Indonesia.

My friends and I approached EMERHUB for social Visa.

We were amazed at the professionalism of the staff, their understanding of local laws, and the prompt response to our inquiries. We are especially grateful to Amelia and Dinar for their great service and their great humility.

Emerhub client
Asim Alghailani

The team at Emerhub was extremely professional in helping us setting up our business in Bali, from incorporation to visas and now trademark registration. The experience of working together was easy and clear. We would happily recommend Emerhub to others looking for market entry support.”

Emerhub client
Aaron Turner
Co-founder, Solace Float

Indonesia business visa process

The process of entering Indonesia with a business visa

Get a 60-day Indonesian business visa

Enter and stay in Indonesia for up to 60 days. Extend the visa for further 120 days if you wish to stay longer.

What’s included

  • Online application

  • Visa fees

  • Extendable (extension not included in the fee)

Indonesia business visa

245 USD

See requirements

Apply for an Indonesian business visa

Fill out the form to submit your visa application. If you wish to purchase more than one business visa, simply fill out the details of the main contact person. If you would like to talk to our customer support team first, send your queries to [email protected]

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