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Construction representative office (BUJKA)

Opening a construction representative office (BUJKA) in Indonesia A representative office is an office set up by a company overseas. Representative offices take care of their parent company’s business locally. It’s also an easy way to enter a foreign market.  In Indonesia, there is a specific representative office for construction companies called Badan Usaha Jasa […]

Representative office for trading (KP3A)

Representative office for trading (KP3A) in Indonesia Representative offices are offices set up by companies abroad. It is a simple and fast way to establish a legal entity in a foreign market. Representative offices handle business activities for their parent companies locally. One type of representative office in Indonesia is the representative office for trading […]

General representative office (KPPA)

General representative office (KPPA) in Indonesia A representative office is an office set up by a company, usually in a foreign country. Representative offices handle the parent company’s business in its location.  Indonesia has several types of representative offices and one type is the general representative office (KPPA). Allowed activities for KPPA It can perform […]

Limited liability company (PT PMA)

Limited liability (PT PMA) company registration in Indonesia Limited liability companies with foreign ownerships (abbreviated as PT PMA) are the most common types of legal entities in Indonesia for foreign businesses. Key requirements for PT PMAs Here are the key requirements for company registration in Indonesia: At least two shareholders. As long as even one […]

Setting up a Co-living Space in Indonesia

Co-living spaces are becoming quite popular in big cities like Jakarta, but what does it take to open one?

9 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Setting Up A Company In Vietnam

Avoid making these common mistakes when setting up a company in Vietnam.

Always Up-To-Date Guide to Foreign Owned Company Registration in Indonesia

Comprehensive information about registering a PT PMA company in Indonesia.

Setting Up a Small Business in Vietnam

Starting a small business as a foreigner is easier than in most other Southeast Asian countries.