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Why are foreigners Investing in Lombok instead of Bali this year?

Lombok is on the precipice of becoming the next Bali for investors! Discover why investing in Lombok is gaining investors’ attention in 2022.

How to Build a Customer Support Team in Indonesia

Building a customer support team in Indonesia can be a competitive advantage for your business. We highlight the importance, benefits, and how-to.

Top Cities in Indonesia to Hire Software Developers

Looking to hire software developers in Indonesia? We compile the top-recommended cities in Indonesia to hire software developers here.

setting up diving center in Bali

How to Set Up a Diving Center in Bali

Good news if you’re interested in setting up a diving center in Bali. Diving center business is now open for foreign ownership.

How to Hire Independent Contractors in Indonesia

Here, we provide reasons when to hire independent contractors in Indonesia. We also show when and how to convert them into full-time employees in Indonesia.

When Should You Consider Using a Nominee Company in Bali?

In this article, we describe common scenarios when special purpose vehicles, i.e. nominee companies, are a suitable alternative.

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