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I was guided through every step of the process to register my business

Incredibly patient and responsive. I was guided through every step of the process to register my business and I had more than a handful of questions on the way. I strongly recommend their services
Ryan Van Der Linden

Very happy with the company registration service

I am very happy regarding the service I received until now, I hope the quality of service will remain at this standard.

Geert Vranckx
Refractory supervisor, Belgium

Responsible and very supportive

Collaboration with Emerhub Vietnam has been excellent at all times. Responsible, fast-acting and very supportive concerning the whole ongoing process. We highly appreciate working together with Emerhub and are able to recommend it with pleasure. Here I have to name Thinh Phat Tran for great service, many thanks!

Liza Boehm

Complete Guide to Company Registration in Vietnam

Company registration in Vietnam isn’t particularly complicated. However, there are specific guidelines that foreign investors must know.

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Extremely patient

The staff at Emerhub was extremely patient in answering my questions over an extended research period. Once the right structure for our PMA was clarified the actual creation of the entity was quite quick and easy.

How To Start A Lifestyle Business in Bali

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Has shown its professionalism

During the process of rep office report, EMERHUB has shown its professionalism and one of its employees, Mr Adid, is very helpful during the process.

Willing to assist outside their usual working hours

Thao and Phat are extremely helpful and willing to assist outside their usual working hours. They spoke and wrote well so communication was a breeze for me. I am relieved to have fabulous support and guidance from both. Please keep it up. Looking forward to work with you guys again…