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7 Common Mistakes To Prevent When You Set Up Company In Vietnam

There are many slips that may occur when starting a new company, especially in an emerging market. This article will give you some heads up on seven most common mistakes foreign investors make when they start to set up company in Vietnam.  #1 Thinking that a local partner is required for every type of business […]

12 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Establishing A Company In Indonesia

We’ve listed the most common mistakes foreigners make when starting a company (PT PMA) in Indonesia. Here’s how you can avoid them and have a clear start.

How To Start A Lifestyle Business In Bali

Foreigners have found the thought of setting up a lifestyle business in Bali attractive for years. However, the challenge is that by nature they are often not large-scale companies. This means that it’s difficult for a lifestyle business in Bali to follow the minimum capital requirements set up for foreign owned companies. In this article […]

Opening a representative office in Vietnam

Representative office allows a foreign company to have a presence in the market without having to incorporate a company. While easy to set up it also has some key restrictions such as it cannot conduct commercial activities. In this article we will give you an overview of why and how to set up a representative […]

How to Set Up an Import Company in Vietnam

In November 2018, imports to Vietnam reached an all-time high of 22 billion in one month since 1990, according to Trading Economics. It is not a surprise as many sectors in Vietnam heavily rely on imported goods. This article explains how you can also import goods to Vietnam, what are the import taxes and describes […]

Minimum Capital Requirement In Vietnam For Foreign Companies

A common question for foreign investors and companies is what is the minimum capital requirement in Vietnam? Also, how much of it should be paid up? The article explains the capital requirements for each of the legal entity types relevant for foreign investors. Setting up a company in Vietnam Foreign investors in Vietnam commonly choose […]

How to Register a Branch in Vietnam

A Branch is an alternative to a Limited Liability or Joint-Stock Company. Unlike an LLC or a JSC, it is not a separate legal entity to its parent company. For a branch to be established, the parent company must already be registered for at least five years. Branch offices are opened when a parent company […]

Joint-Stock Company In Vietnam: How To Establish

A Joint-Stock Company (JSC) is a business entity referred to in Vietnamese legislation as a shareholding company in which shares are owned by three or more original shareholders. Within this enterprise, shareholders are entitled to own company stock in proportion evidenced by the shares they own. Unlike a limited liability company registration, a Vietnamese JSC is allowed […]

Setting Up a Joint Venture in Indonesia

The decision of setting up a joint venture instead of a entirely owned Indonesian entity comes down to many factors in Indonesia. It might be a strategic reason or a requirement from the law.

Representative Office of Foreign Trade Company (K3PA)

There are three legal entity types for foreing companies in Indonesia – limited liability company (PT PMA), general representative office (KPPA) and representative office of foreign trade company (K3PA).In this article we go over the key aspects of representative office of foreign trade company – what is it and when to choose that as your […]