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Getting a KITAP in Indonesia

KITAP or permanent stay permit allows you to stay in Indonesia for 5 years at a time and is very special, as not everyone can apply for it.

9 Most Anticipated New Positions For Foreign Workers in Indonesia

Emerhub recently shared the breaking news that a broad list of new positions for foreign workers in Indonesia has now become available. More than 150 new positions in 18 sectors have been opened up for expatriate and foreign workers in a variety of disciplines including construction, education, and the previously closed legal sector. Here are […]

How to Prepare for Retirement Visa in Indonesia?

As long as you are older than 55 retirement visa is one of the most convenient ways to stay in Indonesia. However, there are certain conditions you have to meet to be eligible for it. This article serves as a guide on how to prepare and receive your retirement visa in Indonesia. Indonesia Retirement Benefits […]

How To Get Business Visa In Indonesia

Foreign entrepreneurs in Indonesia can apply for a business visa in Indonesia. What are the precise activities you can engage in? For instance, come to Indonesia to conduct business activities and study the market. Meanwhile, note that being employed in Indonesia is not allowed. Although applying for a business visa is remarkably easier than it […]

How To Report Personal Income Tax In Indonesia

All Indonesian residents including persons holding temporary stay permit (KITAS) and receiving salary are responsible for personal income tax reporting in Indonesia. In fact, avoiding tax reporting in Indonesia may even lead to foreigners being deported or result in trial and imprisonment. See how to avoid unexpected problems with local tax office when living in […]

Short stay visa on arrival in Indonesia

Indonesia offers various types of visa on arrival option. A short stay visa in Indonesia is even free and available to nationals from 169 countries. In this article, we cover the three best options to stay in Indonesia for short term. Choosing the correct visa for short term stay in Indonesia You should choose the […]

Spouse sponsored marriage KITAS in Indonesia

Getting a spouse sponsored KITAS can turn out to be a part-time job for you in Indonesia. In this article, we will give you an overview of the process of acquiring a spouse sponsored marriage KITAS in Indonesia. Indonesian spouse visa requirements In order for you to apply for this visa, sometimes referred to as […]

Visas and work permits in Indonesia

Indonesia has strict Immigration Law that requires foreign companies and nationals to pay close attention to the visas and work permits they use. We provide all of the commonly used visa types required for doing business in Indonesia. Business visa Business visa allows foreign national to stay in Indonesia for 60 days and is also […]

Visa and Business Benefits of Being Married to an Indonesian Spouse

Other than the growing economy, rich natural resources and huge domestic market, one of the main reasons foreign nationals decide to move to Indonesia is getting romantically involved with an Indonesian partner.

Work permits and visas in Indonesia

photo credit: dcgreer There are several visas and work permits Indonesia has for foreigners looking to stay or work in Indonesia. In this article I will guide you through the types of visas available and which one you should choose, skipping the ones not relevant for business travelers and entrepreneurs. Note that Indonesia passed a […]