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Good people, always attentive and trying to help.

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Great service and nice attitude, I appreciate the assistance.

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Not the cheapest but everything is clear

This is no secret while we were asking for a quotation from Emerhub we also asked from others. Emerhub’s quotation is not the cheapest, in fact, it is twice compared to the others. But we feel there is nothing hidden with Emerhub. Everything is clear what is required so suddenly there is no “I need to do this and that” nor there would be any additional charges.

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Frequently Asked Questions about working permit in the Philippines

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How to Prepare For Retiring in the Philippines

Retiring in the Philippines is getting increasingly popular due to many factors such as weather, cost of living and increasingly better life quality. This is a popular type of visa for permanent stay in the Philippines as it is already available to people at least 35 years old. From this article you will find the […]

How to Apply for Philippines Business Visa

For most nationalities, it’s easy to stay in the Philippines with a visa on arrival for a few months. However, if you want to stay for 3-6 months or longer you will need another solution – Philippines business visa (also called a visitor’s visa). What can you do with a Business Visa in the Philippines? […]

Applying for a Work Permit in the Philippines

How to process your work permit in the Philippines? What types of work visas are available and which are most common for a foreigner to apply for? In this article we will give you an overview of how to legally hire foreign nationals in the Philippines or what do you need to prepare in order […]