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Like a well-connected close friend or a trustworthy work colleague

After many weeks researching and contacting a dozen different agents, we finally shortlisted EMERHUB to help us obtain our first retirement KITAS visa.

One of the primary reasons we decided to use EMERHUB as our agent was because of the prompt and clear online communications with their Bali branch manager, Triin Tigane.

There were many other agents – with much lower fees – we had communicated with before our decision to use EMERHUB.

While doing our due diligence, we were not looking for the lowest fee … we were looking for a single person (or corporate team) we could easily communicate with on a one-on-one basis like a well-connected close friend or a trustworthy work colleague.

Andrew and Florence
Retirees in Bali, Canada

Responsive and professional

I have had good experiences with Emerhub in setting up our overseas entities. The team is generally responsive and professional. Some fees are a bit on the high side, but the positive thing is that they offer a wide range of services which gives me a one-stop shop as a customer.

Raymond Gillon
Co-founder & CEO,

Has shown its professionalism

During the process of rep office report, Emerhub has shown its professionalism and one of its employees, Mr. Adit, was very helpful during the process.

Ali Bulba
Office Manager,

Payroll Management in the Philippines

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Payroll Management in Bali

Managing payroll in Bali involves several regulations and taxes. Let Emerhub’s payroll professionals take care of that for you. We will handle everything from the computation to the distribution of payroll. Advantages of Using Emerhub’s Payroll Management Services Our professional payroll management services have many benefits including: Cost-effective. When you outsource payroll management, you don’t […]

Diligent and detailed, could improve internal communication

The team carries out its work diligently with detailed information given. However, internal teamwork has some room for improvement as it sometimes takes a bit of time to receive the requested information. Anyhow, they are professional and carry out every project we assign to them.

The experience was better than expected

I appreciate the excellent service the consultant Saman & Aisyah provided to our company. Their attention to detail, great communication skills, and professional advices ready made the experience even better than I expected. Thank you.

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Good service

Emerhub provide us good service.

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