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Outsourced staffing solutions in Indonesia

To successfully grow in a new market, your business needs local presence to test market viability with minimal risk and reduced bureaucratic delays. Employer of Record (EOR) solutions allows companies to hire full-time employees in Indonesia without setting up a local company.

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outsourced staffing solutions

Advantages of Using Employer of Record Services with Emerhub

Go to Market Faster
Start doing business in Indonesia without the time delay of setting up and running a legal entity.
Set up a local team in Indonesia
Grow your business in Indonesia quickly and legally.
Locally Compliant
We’ll keep you within the boundaries of Indonesian law and regulations by handling matters such as employee income tax (PPH 23).
Extended services
Add additional requirements such as recruitment, work stations, time tracking, visas (for hiring foreign staff in Indonesia)

Go beyond hiring within your geographical area

Finding good staff is not easy. Restricting your hiring to where you have an office limits the amount of talent available to you.

Indonesia has large pools of professionals looking to work remotely for foreign companies. Without the living costs (and immigration issues) of working in major cities like Singapore or London.

Freelancers and agencies are a good option for temporary assignments or non-mission-critical work. This service goes beyond that – you will have real full-time people working for your company.


You choose the talent, we take care of the legalities

You need a way to legally hire your offshore employees. That’s where Emerhub’s employer of record service comes in.

You choose who you want to hire. We can help you recruit but the hiring decisions are made by you. The remote employees will be put on our payroll. We take care of the payroll and tax. Your people work 100% for your company.

In legal terms, you will be hiring Emerhub to fulfill your staffing needs.

Freelance site

Business process outsourcing

Employer of Record

You manage projects and processes


HR matters are handled by the service provider


Decide who works on your project


Hiring remotely with Emerhub

  1. Choose the talent you want to hire or work with Emerhub’s recruiters to find them.
  2. Emerhub signs employment contracts with your employees and charges you a monthly service fee (15% of the salary).
  3. The employees will be working for you. You should treat them as your in-house employees. We will serve as the local HR department – manage the payroll, report taxes and answer any employment queries.
  4. We also provide work stations in our offices if you wish your employees to have a physical work station.


Tell us briefly about your company and your plans in Bali and our consultants will get back to you within a working day.

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