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I was guided through every step of the process to register my business

Incredibly patient and responsive. I was guided through every step of the process to register my business and I had more than a handful of questions on the way. I strongly recommend their services
Ryan Van Der Linden

Accountable and timely

Accountable and provide a timely response – recommended!
Jessie Ooi

Very reliable and helpful

They were very reliable and helpful in understanding the company registration process in Indonesia.

Melissa Lou

Why You Should Outsource Your Corporate Secretary in the Philippines

All corporations in the Philippines must have a corporate secretary. But what are the advantages of outsourcing this role to a professional service?

Setting up a back office in the Philippines

Outsourcing your back office tasks will help your business become more efficient. Here’s why you should set up a back office in the Philippines.

Medical Devices Registration in Indonesia

Learn how to import and start a medical devices business in Indonesia.

Entrepreneurs Guide To Finding Office In Bali

Finding office in Bali is challenging. Did you know that asking 5 years of rent in advance is a common practice in Bali? Or that before renting an office, your top priority is to check whether it has proper building documentation? In this article we discuss the above, as well as describe the main aspects […]

Guide To Finding Office In Jakarta

2016 is great time for finding office in Jakarta since the demand for office space in the Indonesian capital Jakarta has been outpacing demand.The vacancy rate for Jakarta office market rose from 4.8% in 2014 to 8.4% in June 2015. For grade A office spaces the change has been even more dramatic – it rose […]

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) License for Foreign Companies In Indonesia

In Indonesia almost everyone is an entrepreneur in some scale. Because of that MLM companies have done very well in Indonesia. And many more are looking to enter the market. But many of them are doing it the wrong way – without the correct license – and the government is investigating it harder than ever […]

Import licenses in Indonesia

In case your business is about importing goods to Indonesia, you will have to obtain licenses to be eligible to do that. We have a thorough guide on how to set up an import company. In this post we explain in more details the different types of import licenses and how to get them.