Vietnam’s food industry is rapidly growing especially with additional foreign investments coming in. Consumption of food and drinks makes up about 15% of the country’s GDP, and this figure is set to rise in the future.

Several companies are looking to invest in the food industry by importing and manufacturing food in Vietnam, mainly for commercial purposes.

Food products in Vietnam require government approval and product registration; hence companies must ensure product regulation compliance before they can start manufacturing or importing food products into the country.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about food product registration in Vietnam so that you can put the task of registering your food products on us while you focus on the growth of your business.

Food Product Registration in Vietnam to be Self-declared or Declared

In 2018, the Vietnamese government gave the right of self-declaration of food product quality and origins to companies and individuals selling and producing food items. Self-declaration means that these entities take full responsibility for the safety and hygiene of their food products. 

They publicly issue a statement announcing the safety of their products on websites, multimedia, and their offices and do not require an official food safety and hygiene certificate. Self-declaration allows these companies to cut down on the cost and time of inspection.

However, some of the food items still require a special inspection of the Ministry of Health before entering the local market. These items must be declared. Declaration means that the food-producing and selling entity must obtain a Certificate of Registered Product Declaration from the concerning authorities. Unlike self-declaration, food items requiring a declaration must be inspected and registered for use in local markets.

Food products that fall under the category of self-declaration and declaration, respectively, are mentioned below:

Food Products for Self-declaration

  • Various food additives 
  • Food containers
  • Primary packages
  • Food processing aids
  • Pre-packaged processed foods

Food Products for Declaration

  • Diet supplements
  • Special dietary food
  • Medical food
  • Mixed food additives with new uses
  • Food and dietary products for children of up to 36 months of age
  • Food additives not found on the list of allowed food additives provided by the Ministry of Health
  • Food products and raw materials for the purpose of products and processing of food products that are either exported or used internally 

Requirements and Procedure for Food Product Registration in Vietnam         

Documents for food product self-declaration

The following are the documents required for self-declaration of food products in Vietnam, which you need to prepare and deliver to Emerhub. We will take care of everything and declare them on your behalf. All you need to bring us is, a certified true copy or an original copy of the food safety data sheet 

 Registration Procedure for food product self-declaration

  1. Posting self-declaration either through the producer’s premises/website or through the mass media

  2. Submitting a copy of self-declaration directly or via post to the regulatory authority of Vietnam.

    The supplier is entitled to the manufacturing and selling of products claiming full responsibility for its safety after submitting self-declaration.

  3. The receiving authority posts the product names and self-declaration of those products on its official website.

Tentative Timeline

This entire process can take up to seven working days for testing and 15 working days for the completion of self-declaration. This registration remains valid for three years, starting from the issue date.

Registration fee

The registration fee of Emerhub for self-declaration includes:

  • Service fee
  • Testing fee
  • Sub-label fee

Documents for food product declaration

Following are the documents required for the declaration of food product registration in Vietnam: 

Here’s what is required of you:

  1. The Certificate of Free Sale, Certificate of Exportation, or Health Certificate (Consular Legalization)
  2. The certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  3. Certificate of Analysis
  4. Business Registration Certificate
  5. Specification sheet from the manufacturer
  6. Detailed product information
  7. Samples of complete products
  8. The product label
  9. Information, scientific data to prove the effectiveness of each component constituting function announced.

Here’s what is provided by Emerhub:

  1. The declaration form
  2. The product testing result issued within 12 months
  3. A periodic monitoring plan

Registration Procedure for food product declaration

  • Submitting the application for registration of the product declaration, to the Ministry of Health, either by post or online.
  • Supplementation of the application, in which case the receiving authority will explain writing and specify the legal basis. The receiving authority may request the applicant to supplement the application 01 time.
  • The receiving authority posts the names and products of suppliers, whose product registration has been registered, on its website, and updates its food safety database.
  • Payment of the fees by food suppliers for document verifications in accordance with regulations of law on charges.

Certificate holder

  • The certificate holder must have the function of related product business in Vietnam.
  • Only the certificate holder is eligible to import the registered SKU.
  • If different importers want to import the same SKU, they have to register for this SKU on separate applications.

Tentative Timeline

The entire process can take up to three months to complete the registration starting from the date of submission. This registration remains valid for three years, starting from the issue date.

Registration fee

Emerhub’s registration fee for declaration includes the following.

  • Service fee
  • State fee
  • Testing fee
  • Sub-label fee

Register your products in Vietnam.

Emerhub can help you register food, cosmetics, and other products in Vietnam.

Alternative solutions to start selling food products in Vietnam faster

Nominee Registrar

There are some alternatives to accelerating food product registration in Vietnam. A Nominee Registrar is one of those methods. Any food producer or seller in Vietnam can get a nominee arrangement. 

A nominee registered owner/nominee partner like Emerhub holds a food manufacturing and selling company’s assets on the behalf of the company/its owner through a loan agreement. This option is generally suitable for businesses like a food business that requires certain permits and certifications.

As your Nominee Registrar, Emerhub will take care of the registration and announcement of the food products and will be obliged to handle any administrative and operational issues. Emerhub has a fixed nominee registrar fee for 2-3 brands.

Importer of Record

Emerhub can act as your Importer of Record (IOR) allowing you to import various food products in Vietnam. With Emerhub’s IOR service, you don’t require any licenses to import food products into the country. Emerhub will oversee all your food imports on your behalf.

Emerhub will handle everything from the pick-up of your food products to their customs clearance in Vietnam, as well as their delivery to your preferred local address. We will ensure full compliance with the local food import laws allowing you to easily import your food products. Our fee is 3% of the shipment value.

Reach out to us today and let us know your requirements! We have got you covered.

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