A Guide to Selling Online in Vietnam

What do you need to know to run an e-commerce business in Vietnam?


E-commerce continues to grow in Vietnam due to a few reasons. For one, there has been an increase in internet usage in the country. Additionally, the shopping habits of consumers are shifting online. More businesses selling online in Vietnam to tap into more sales streams.

In this article, we will discuss the different ways you can sell products online in Vietnam. We also talk about how hiring local staff in Vietnam will benefit your e-commerce business.

Registering an Online Selling Business in Vietnam

Online businesses are not exempt from local laws and regulations in Vietnam. You will need to accomplish the following to conduct your business activities in e-commerce.

  • Company registration. You must register your company before conducting any transactions or business activities. The percentage of allowed foreign ownership depends on your planned business activities. Emerhub’s consultants will assist you with company registration. This includes selecting the most suitable business classification for your company.
  • Trading/retailing license. You must have a retailing license if you will be selling directly to the end customer.
  • App/website registration as an e-commerce platform. Registration is necessary for websites or applications that serve as e-commerce platforms where other sellers and buyers conduct transactions.

Depending on the products you intend to sell, you may also need the following:

  • Import license. If you need to source your product from outside Vietnam, you will need an import license. It is also possible to import products into Vietnam without a license through an importer of record. Emerhub can serve as your importer of record in Vietnam.
  • Product registration. In Vietnam, registration is necessary for some products. Some examples of these include medicine, medical devices, cosmetics, processed foods and beverages, and publications. Our consultants will advise you if your products require registration. We will also facilitate registration for relevant products.
  • Intellectual property protection. If you are selling a product created by your company, protect your intellectual property. This ensures that only you will be able to manufacture and sell it. Emerhub can also facilitate this process for you.

Register your business in Vietnam.

Company registration for your e-commerce business through Emerhub.

Selling Online in Vietnam Through a Marketplace

One common way to sell products online is through a marketplace. A marketplace is a platform where businesses can sell products. Some marketplaces that are popular in Vietnam include Lazada, Tiki, Shopee, and Sendo.

Posting Products on an Online Marketplace

You will first have to register a merchant account with your selected marketplace. Some platforms may require additional steps to get approval. Once the platform approves or verifies your account, you will be able to post products.

Your product listing must include a clear photo of your product. You must also enter all relevant information about the product you are selling.

Receiving Money from Marketplace Sales

All transactions and payments go through the marketplace. Each platform has its own rules for cashing out money earned from sales. Typically, businesses can connect a bank account to their marketplace account. This will allow the electronic transfer of earnings.

What products can you sell online in Vietnam?

Vietnam’s regulations on selling products apply to online sellers. You must comply with regulations on the quality and safety of products among others.

You can sell almost anything online. However, there are restrictions on some products including the following:

  • Weapons like hunting rifles, shotguns, or even sport weapons and weapon support tools;
  • Cigarettes, cigars, or any other tobacco product;
  • Drinks that contain more than 15% of alcohol;
  • Endangered plants and wildlife whether living or its processed parts;

The law prohibits the sale of several other kinds of goods. Emerhub’s consultants will advise you on what you can sell in Vietnam.

Hiring Local Staff for Your E-commerce Business in Vietnam

Vietnam is a hub for e-commerce and online business at the moment. This has created a demand for jobs in the e-commerce sector. Vietnam has a highly-educated and skilled workforce ready to take on these roles.

E-commerce Management

Like a physical store, an online store needs a person in charge. An e-commerce manager can oversee all operations. They make sure all your online content is up to date. They also monitor the performance of your online store. An experienced E-commerce Manager will also come up with strategies to generate sales.

A local E-commerce Manager in Vietnam has insights into the local market. They will be able to suggest ways to boost sales. Your E-commerce Manager will also advise you on new products you can sell.

Web Developers

Bad user experience is one of the most common reasons for cart abandonment in an online store. A needlessly complicated checkout process or technical issues can negatively affect user experience.

As such, having a web developer on your team will prove to be beneficial. Your web developer will ensure that the website is working properly. They will also fix any issues when they arise. Additionally, a web developer will be able to advise you on how to create a good user experience.

Digital Marketing

You need to take an online approach when promoting an online business. A Digital Marketing professional will know how to effectively promote your business online.

A local Digital Marketer will know how to use local internet trends to promote your business. They can also advise you on which local influencers to tap for promotion. They can also conduct local market research for your business.

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