Compliance Deadlines in Vietnam Approaching: Reporting and Taxes for 2020

These key accounting and compliance deadlines in Vietnam for 2020 that apply to all businesses.

Expat Guide to Buying Property in Vietnam

There is a common misconception that foreign citizens or companies cannot buy property in Vietnam. In reality, it is possible, but there are certain conditions that you need to bear in mind in order to make a purchase. This guide sheds light on the ways that foreign investors can obtain property in Vietnam. This article […]

When to Set Up a Local Company in Vietnam Instead of a Foreign Company

Vietnam allows full foreign ownership in most business lines. However, in some cases, it would be a strategic decision to set up a local company in Vietnam instead of opting for 100% foreign ownership. What is a local company in Vietnam, and why consider setting one up? This article will explain the key things you […]

How to Start a Wholesale or Retail Sales Business in Vietnam

Vietnam is the third largest market in Southeast Asia and one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Its young population and robust consumer spending provide lucrative opportunities for many types of businesses. Particularly for those who are selling consumer goods. How to enter Vietnam’s wholesale and retail market, and what are the requirements for […]

How to Start an E-Commerce Business in Vietnam

Did you know that there are over 60 million Internet users in Vietnam? Or that by 2020, the predicted turnover in Vietnam’s e-commerce sector is US$ 10 billion? Starting an e-commerce company in Vietnam offers enormous opportunities. We have put together this guide to give you an overview of Vietnam’s e-commerce market as well as […]

2019 Guide to Import to Vietnam

With average annual GDP growth of more than 6% over the past two decades, Vietnam is among the fastest-growing economies in the world. However, despite becoming a more open economy, import to Vietnam is still highly regulated by the government. In this article, we are going to explain some of the key elements you need […]

Complete Guide to Cosmetic Product Registration in Vietnam

Vietnam’s cosmetic industry is thriving. The country’s overall development and the rapidly growing number of middle-class Vietnamese have brought along an increasing demand for beauty and personal care products. Imported cosmetics grab the lion’s share of Vietnam’s cosmetic market. In this guide, we will explain the key things you need to know about importing and […]

When is The Best Time to Hire Employees in Vietnam?

The three-month period following the Vietnamese Lunar New Year Tet up to April is the best time to hire employees in Vietnam. Recruiters in Vietnam call it “The Golden Period of Recruitment” as the local labor market will receive a fresh pool of job-seekers who are eager to look for a new job after they […]

2019 Guide to Setting Up a Foreign Construction Business in Vietnam

Construction business in Vietnam has seen vast growth over the past years. According to Trading Economics, Vietnam’s GDP from construction reached an all-time high of US$ 9.6 billion in the last quarter of 2018 and forecasts show a continuing uptrend. As Vietnam continues to relax its construction regulations, many foreign investors and overseas companies can […]

Legal Entities in Vietnam: Which One to Choose?

The foundations you lay for your business – namely, the type of legal entity you choose for entering the market – will determine the success of your future business. In this guide, we will give you a thorough overview of legal entities in Vietnam, and help you decide whether you should set up a company for […]