Visas and work permits in Vietnam

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Visa and Residency

Foreign citizens not exempted from visa can enter and stay in Vietnam on the basis of a visa or residency card. Depending on the objectives of the visit, foreign citizens can choose between obtaining a tourist or business visa, or temporary residency, on some occasions it is also possible to obtain permanent residency.

 Tourist VisaBusiness VisaTemporary ResidencyPermanent Residency
Suitable for
  • Travel purposes
  • Travel and business purposes
  • Short term working
  • Long term working
  • Long term living and working
  • All foreigners
  • All foreigners invited/sponsored by a Vietnamese company
  • All foreigners sponsored by a foreign entity
  • Foreigners holding a work permit
  • Founders of limited liability company or joint-stock company (JSC)
  • Management board members of JSC
  • Spouses, parents or children of Vietnamese citizens residing in Vietnam
Length of stay1 month or 3 months1 month, 3 or 6 months1 to 3 years 10 years
Number of entries1 or multiple entries1 or multiple entriesMultiple entries Multiple entries
Required documents
  • Application and passport photo
  • Passport copy
  • Approval letter
  • Return ticket (for multiple entry)
  • Application and passport photo
  • Passport copy
  • Invitation/sponsorship letter
  • Approval letter
  • Application and passport photo
  • Passport
  • Sponsorship letter
  • Work permit
  • Proof of address
  • Application and passport photo
  • Passport
  • Proof of eligibility

Visa on Arrival 

Visa on arrival is a faster alternative to obtaining a visa from your local Vietnamese Embassy. In order to be eligible for a visa on arrival, the individual must arrive by air to an international airport or by land to Moc Bai border in Cambodia. The Vietnamese Department of Immigration must approve the application for visa on arrival. 

Work permit

Foreign nationals must apply for a work permit in order to be eligible to work in Vietnam, unless they fall under a special category that is exempted from requiring a work permit, e.g. foreign investors. Foreign directors of Vietnamese limited liability companies require work permit to carry of their duties. Upon meeting the conditions, a work permit is issued for two years.

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