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Our company will assist you in obtaining all types of Visas and Permits apart from tourist Visas in Vietnam.
Extensions and renewals
We offer extension and renewal of your Visas and Permits as per your requirements in Vietnam.
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Your visa can be collected at your convenience either from the Vietnamese embassy in your country or upon your arrival in Vietnam.
Switching of Visa type
With Emerhub, you can easily switch your Visa type in a few simple steps according to your needs.

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Types of Visas and Permits in Vietnam

Whether you want to get a new visa, renew your existing one, or change to a different visa type, Emerhub’s consultants help you with the documentation and submissions based on your specific needs

Business Visa

A short-term Visa issued to foreigners who want to work with a Vietnamese enterprise and conduct business activities such as meetings, and signing business contracts. A Business Visa is valid for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months.

Temporaroy resident card

A TRC is a document issued to expats who want to reside in Vietnam for a certain period of time. The validity of your TRC is up to 2 years.

Work Permit

A Work Permit is issued to foreigners to work legally in Vietnam. The validity of your work permit is up to 2 years.

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Depending on the visa type, the process to get a visa in Vietnam can take between 2 to 6 weeks

How Emerhub applies for your visa in Vietnam


After understanding your requirements and collecting relevant documents from the client, Emerhub fills out the necessary applications


Submission of application to the Immigration Department by Emerhub.


Emerhub receives visa approval from the Department of Immigration.


The client receives the Visa either at the Vietnam embassy or on arrival in the country.

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Ease of applying

Our application process ensures that the client is informed of each stage in a timely manner, and all documents are prepared and submitted with accuracy.

We are Advisors

We have dedicated and highly qualified consultants that assist our clients end-to-end through the visa filing process

Local Presence

With our office in Vietnam, Emerub ensures that all work is done in-house, without outsourcing to external parties.

Client Testimonials

Emerhub took care of everything even during difficult circumstances. It took a bit longer than expected due to the pandemic but Emerhub stayed on top of the project and completed what was necessary. They are professional and their assistance is much appreciated

Lemoine  Chalmers

Very professional, courteous, communicate very well and keep you appraised of everything that is going on with your process.

Julissa Maribel Pinto De Gracia

Very good service, quick and efficient.

Paul  Emile

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Business Visa: $1,000 2. Work Permit: $750 3. Temporary Resident Card: $750

**For Business Visa, Work Permit& TRC**: Being hired by/ Owning a company registered in Vietnam. **Business Visa**: No requirement if applying for a new business Visa. However, if the person is currently staying in Vietnam under a different Visa, they will have to exit and then re-enter the country. **Work Permit**: No special requirements for Director level positions. If applying for a Work Permit for an employee, then the person must have a relevant bachelor’s degree and above, or certified proof of working experience. **Temporary Resident Card**: must have a residential address in Vietnam. The person must also obtain the residential certification from the local Vietnamese ward police, as well as be physically present in Vietnam while applying for this permit.

Business Visa: 4-6 weeks Work Permit: 4-6 weeks TRC: 2-3 weeks

You are only eligible to apply for these once your company is completely registered/ and you are officially employed with a labor contract.

Only investors apply for the TRC without obtaining a Work Permit first. Otherwise, the person must first acquire the Work Permit and then apply for TRC later.

Yes, the family can be sponsored given the proof of family relationship (marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.). The family Visa validity will be in accordance with the TRC of the person.

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