How to apply for Vietnam visas and permits?

Vietnam offers visas to foreigners entering the country for different purposes such as starting a company, working in Vietnam, or attending conferences or seminars. In this blog, we explain the visa requirements for Vietnam and the main types of visas and permits along with the application process.

Business visa in Vietnam

In Vietnam, a Business visa also known as DN visa is for those candidates who want to enter and stay in Vietnam to conduct business-related tasks such as signing business deals and attending business meetings and conferences. The validity of a Business visa is 03 – 12 months subject to the visa type; Single or multiple entries. Business visa holders can also apply for a long-term stay in Vietnam.

Some common Vietnam visa types for doing business include:

  • DN1 – Issued to foreigners working with enterprises having a legal status according to Vietnamese laws.
  • DN2 – Issued to foreigners making entry to promote services, and establish a commercial presence in Vietnam.
  • DT3 – Issued to foreign investors in Vietnam and representatives of foreign organizations investing in Vietnam and contributing capital of VND 3 billion to less than VND 50 billion.
  • DT4 – Issued to foreign investors in Vietnam and representatives of foreign organizations investing in Vietnam and contributing capital of less than VND 3 billion.
  • LD1/LD2 – Issued to foreigners working in Vietnam and having work permit/ work permit exemptions.
  • NN2 – Issued to heads of representative offices, branches of foreign traders, and representative offices of other foreign economic, cultural, and professional organizations in Vietnam.

Requirements for Vietnam Business Visa

The sponsor company should have actual operations in Vietnam with proof (office lease contracts with office pictures, tax payments proof, tax report submissions, contracts, etc.). The greater the company’s capital is, the more likely it is that a visa would be issued. Especially for foreign-invested companies (the capital should not be less than USD 10,000). Emerhub helps in securing the right sponsor for your Business visa application.

The applicant has to prepare the following documents for the Business visa:

1. A valid passport with a period of at least 6 months upon arrival

2. Passport-size pictures (4 cm x 6 cm)

3. Sponsorship letter from a company in Vietnam

4. Visa application form

5. Oher supporting documents depending on the visa type

Emerhub’s process for securing Business visa in Vietnam

Following is the visa process for Vietnam:

  • Emerhub prepares the application for visa approval letter.
  • Emerhub submits the application and follows up with the Immigration Department until the visa Approval Letter is received.
  • After receiving the visa approval letter from the Department of Immigration, Emerhub sends a copy of the visa Approval Letter to the client.
  • The client brings the Vietnam visa Approval Letter, along with the passport to get the visa stamped either at the Vietnam embassy or on arrival in the country.

Note: A representative of the sponsor company has to accompany Emerhub’s staff to the Immigration Department at the time of application submission and collection of the visa Approval Letter.

Processing time: It takes 5 – 10 working days to process a Business visa application.

Work permit in Vietnam

A work permit is a document issued to foreigners to work legally in Vietnam. A foreigner cannot apply directly for the permit and an employer’s assistance is needed. The validity of a work permit is up to 2 years.

Visa requirements for Vietnam’s work permit

The foreigner must have a sponsor company in Vietnam for the work permit process. The work permit for an employee requires a relevant Bachelor’s degree or above and a certificate of work experience, which are in alignment with the expected position in Vietnam. There are no special requirements for the Director level position, provided that his/her name is in the sponsor company’s business registration certificate as a legal representative.

Documents required for the work permit application are as follows:

1. Application forms, a copy of passport, and a valid Vietnam visa.

2. Passport-size pictures (4 x 6 cm)

3. Criminal records (issued within 180 days)

4. Confirmation of a health check to verify that the foreigner is fit to work.

6. Legalized copy of degree for a work position.

7. Working experience confirmation from former employers for a work position.

8. Other documents on a case-by-case basis.

Emerhub’s process for obtaining a work permit in Vietnam

Step 1: Emerhub applies the approval for foreigner recruitment on the sponsor company’s behalf at the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs (DOLISA);

Step 2: Once you get permission to hire a foreigner, Emerhub applies the work permit for the foreigner at DOLISA.

Processing time: It takes 20- 40 working days from submission of the application to process the work permit.

Temporary Residence Card (TRC) in Vietnam

A temporary residence card is a permit issued to ex-pats who want to reside in Vietnam for a certain period of time. The validity of TRC is up to 2 years.

Requirements for Temporary Residence Card (TRC) in Vietnam

The common requirement for TRC is that the applicant should have a residential address in Vietnam and be able to produce a residential certificate from the local Vietnamese ward police. The applicant should also be physically present in Vietnam when applying for this permit.

Required documents for TRC are as follows:

  1. Application forms;
  2. Copy of passport and a valid Vietnam visa (bring original for comparison);
  3. 2 photos (3cm x 4cm) 
  4. Supporting documents depending on the circumstances, such as:
    • A copy of the Business Registration Certificate of the sponsor company.
    • Work permit or work permit exemption certificate.
    • Investment Registration Certificate.
    • License for establishment of representative office, branch of the foreign company.

Emerhub’s process for obtaining TRC in Vietnam

  • Emerhub prepares the application for the TRC.
  • We submit the application and follow up with the Immigration Department.
  • Upon approval, Emerhub receives the TRC at the Immigration Department.

Note: Submission of application and collection of TRC steps need a representative of the sponsor company to accompany Emerhub’s staff to the Immigration Department.

Processing time: It takes 5 – 10 working days to process TRC.

Difference between TRC and work permit for foreigners in Vietnam

Foreigners often confuse a Temporary Residence Card (TRC) and work permit for foreigners in Vietnam. A TRC enables foreigners to stay in Vietnam for a longer period to study, work, and conduct research or business. Foreigners are not deported from the country as long as they have a valid TRC. Foreign nationals can enter and leave Vietnam multiple times without the need of applying for a visa extension or renewal.

As for Vietnam work permits, it enables foreigners to work and be employed in the country. 

Vietnam visa transitioning

Foreigners who entered Vietnam on one visa, for example, a tourist visa, and then wished to transition to a work visa, would need to leave the country and re-enter.

However, in the following situations, holders of Vietnamese visas can consider to transition from one visa type to another without leaving the country.

  • Becoming investors or representatives of a foreign organization investing in Vietnam.
  • Being parents, spouse, and children of Vietnamese citizens.
  • Being spouse or children under 18 years old of the foreigner owning visa qualifying for sponsoring the relative visit.
  • Being invited or guaranteed by agencies or organizations, having a work permit or work permit exemption certificate.
  • Entering Vietnam on an e-visa, and having a work permit or work permit exemption certificate. 

Get to know the visa requirements for Vietnam with Emerhub

Emerhub offers a wide range of services for Vietnam visas and permits. Our extensive knowledge of the legalities enables us to process your visas in an efficient and timely manner. Fill out the form below and book a call with an Emerhub Consultant to start your visa application today.

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