Foreign-owned company registration in Dubai

Emerhub offers end-to-end services for incorporating your company in Dubai with up to 100% foreign ownership.

Document Preparation

Emerhub prepares and submits all required documentation for company registration including the MOA, Ejari, necessary ministry forms and more.

Trade License approvals

From pre-approval to getting your business license, Emerhub works closely with government departments to ensure full compliance to give you a successful and seamless incorporation.


What is the process for setting up a company in the UAE?

Business setup in the UAE can be complicated, primarily because of the many options available to foreign entrepreneurs. From multiple business types to 60+ free zone and mainland options, it can be tough to figure out the right option for your business. That is where Emerhub helps. 

Step 1: Understanding your business needs and plans

Before choosing your jurisdiction and company type, it is important to understand the nature of your business. What is your primary and secondary business activity? Where are your clients located? Do you intend to have a client-facing office? Once Emerhub’s consultants understand your business, they recommend the right path for your company formation and setup. 

Step 2: Document Preparation and Business License

Regardless of your chosen jurisdiction and company type, Emerhub’s company formation experts will prepare the required documents to facilitate your business setup, including a Memorandum of Association, attestation of documents, obtaining an Ejari, and additional documents as per your business case. 

Step 3: Visa Process

Once your business license is issued, Emerhub will help you apply for an Emirates ID, set up a medical examination, and apply for relevant visas for you and your team. Emerhub also manages all renewals of your visas to ensure a hassle-free stay for you and your team.

Step 4: Post Establishment Compliance, Bookkeeping, Corporate Tax, and VAT. 

Depending on your business needs, Emerhub will recommend additional compliances as per UAE law. This may include registration for VAT, Corporate Tax, Anti Money Laundering compliance, and Economic Substance Regulations filing. 

What are Jurisdictions in the UAE and why are they important in setting up a company?

Foreign entrepreneurs often discover that the first thing regular consultants ask them when setting up a business in the UAE is, “Which jurisdiction do you want to register in?” While it is very important to choose the right jurisdiction, a foreign entrepreneur can’t know which one would be right for their business without knowing about them all! (and there are over 50 of them).

Emerhub simplifies this choice by recommending relevant jurisdictions for your business based on your specific needs.

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