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Emerhub provides professional services for companies entering Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. From helping you navigate around ever-changing regulations, to guiding your business through cultural nuances, let us be your local partners in a foreign market.

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Legal entity setup

We’ll help you incorporate a limited liability company, purchase a shelf company or explore other alternatives to make your Asian entry a success.


Accounting and payroll

From taxation to payroll and everything in between, just leave your regulatory challenges with us and focus your resources on the growth of your business instead.



Our expert legal team are here to help you migrate your existing team or to hire exceptional local talent to grow your new operations.


Importer of record

With our importer of record service, you can now get your products through local customs without ever having to worry about acquiring an import license.


Why foreign companies love to work with Emerhub

About Emerhub

As a foreign company trying to break into South East Asia, the mission can seem impossible. From dealing with notorious red-tape and regulations to recruiting the right local talent, the daunting task of breaking into Asia can shift valuable resources away from the growth of your business.

That’s why since 2011, we’ve taken pride in helping our clients streamline their entry into South East Asia with tailored market entry services, allowing you to easily and efficiently break into a brand-new market.

Here’s why we should partner together:

  • We’ve had over 5 years of experience working with Asian market entry
  • We’ve registered over 500 foreign companies across Indonesia and Vietnam
  • No matter the country, all of our offices deliver every core service in-house, ensuring impeccable results and premium services in every market
  • Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, our specialist team of lawyers, accountants and consultants will work closely with you to come up with tailored strategies to make your market entry a success.

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Access to 450 million consumers

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With offices in Jakarta, Bali, Manila and Ho Chi Minh City, we’ll help you bridge the gap between your company and over 350 million consumers in Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.


Legal Entity Setup

With every market having its own regulations, not knowing how to effectively navigate the red tape when setting up a local presence can leave you dead in the water before you’ve even had a chance. That’s why our expert consultants are here to work closely with you to get clear on exactly what your goals are. Then, we’ll come up with a tailored strategy to help you get yourself setup to achieve those targets in the most effective way possible.

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Accounting and payroll

With the Asian markets being notorious for ever-changing regulations, lack of an effective strategy could leave your company stuck in a cycle of corporate compliance. That’s why our expert team of accountants and taxation experts are here to handle every aspect of your accounting, payroll and local tax reporting. Just leave the management of your systems to us and invest those resources on growing your business instead.

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The secret behind a successful company is a team of talented people. But when you’re entering a new market, knowing how to find that talent becomes a talent in itself. That’s why at Emerhub, we take charge of your local recruitment and headhunting efforts to help you build the right team you need to succeed. If you’ve already got the perfect team back home, just take advantage of our employer of record services which streamlines the migration process by having your team hired by Emerhub instead.

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Importer of record

Not having the right import licenses is a regulatory burden that could stop your market entry before you’ve even had a chance. That’s why with our importer of record services, you can use us as your consignee and import all of your goods using our import licenses. Especially if you’re looking to import electronic equipment or other large shipments, as your importers of record, we’ll have you covered.

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