Set up and grow your business in Southeast Asia

We provide solutions to companies doing business in Southeast Asia. From remote hiring to setting up local operations.

  • Company incorporation times starting from four working days
  • Manage and track your registrations and employees online using our web application
  • Test new markets faster and get the same services across our offices in Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines

Helping companies expand to Southeast Asia since 2011

Over 600 million people. Difficult to enter markets. Relatively low competition.
We make complicated markets accessible. So that you can focus on growing your business.

Not the cheapest but everything is clear

This is no secret while we were asking for a quotation from Emerhub we also asked from others. Emerhub’s quotation is not the cheapest, in fact, it is twice compared to the others. But we feel there is nothing hidden with Emerhub. Everything is clear what is required so suddenly there is no “I need to do this and that” nor there would be any additional charges.

Ming Chong
Three Protagonist

Always attentive

Good people, always attentive and trying to help.

Gonzalo Pereira
Umah Bali Asri

Incorporated our company in less than three weeks

I recommend Dio and Reza as they did our incorporation in less than 3 weeks.

Rizky Kusumo
Cove Singapore

Let's grow your business in Southeast Asia

Emerhub has years of experience with corporate secretarial services in Southeast Asia.

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