Lowering entry barriers to emerging markets since 2011

Our Purpose

At Emerhub, we are driven by a singular mission: to make emerging markets accessible across the globe.

We achieve this through best-in-the-market corporate secretarial services, tailored specifically for each market we serve.

Our expertise and deep understanding of local nuances empower businesses to navigate the complexities of international expansion with confidence and ease.

We firmly believe in the transformative power of international trade and commerce to countries and individuals worldwide.

Our purpose at Emerhub is to be the bridge that connects businesses to the vast potentials of emerging markets, ultimately contributing to a larger world economy and better humankind.

Our History

2011 – The early years

Emerhub was founded in 2011 by Marlissa and Lauri Lahi in Jakarta, Indonesia. Initially called “Indosight” (Indonesian insights), the company started as a one-stop shop for businesses looking to establish a company in Indonesia

2016-2017 – Expanding to new markets

In 2016, Emerhub opened its first office outside of Jakarta in Bali. Soon after, new offices were opened in Vietnam and the Philippines. Since the company no longer focused only on Indonesia, the name “Indosight” was changed to “Emerhub” (Emerging markets hub).

2020 – 2023 – RecruitGo spinoff

Emerhub invested heavily in its remote hiring software – RecruitGo – which allows companies to easily build remote teams in emerging markets. As the popularity of the platform grew, RecruitGo was separated into a separate entity in 2023.

2024 – Expansions to Thailand, UAE, and beyond

In our quest to lowering entry barriers in every emerging market in the world, Emerhub is opening new offices in Thailand, UAE, and several new markets in the near future.

Meet our team of market entry consultants

  • Arrissra Limpisthein Emerhub Thailand

    Arrissra Limpisthein

    Arrissra Limpisthein serves as Branch Manager in Thailand.

  • Christine Aguilar Emerhub Philippines

    Christine Aguilar

    Christine Aguilar serves as Head of Operations in the Philippines.

  • Desita Lestari Emerhub Indonesia

    Desita Lestari

    Desita Lestari serves as Account Executive at Emerhub Jakarta.

  • Fredrika Martha Emerhub Bali

    Fredrika Martha

    Fredrica Martha is a Senior Account Manager at Emerhub in Bali.

  • Harley Oktavienka Fatoni Emerhub Indonesia

    Harley Oktavienka Fatoni

    Harley Harley Oktavienka Fatoni serves as the Head of Operations at Emerhub in Jakarta.

  • Jojo Balanon Emerhub Philippines

    Jojo Balanon

    Jojo Balanon serves as a Senior Account Executive in the Philippines.

  • Julia Anggraini EMERHUB JAKARTA

    Julia Anggraini

    Julia Anggraini serves as an Account Executive at Emerhub Jakarta.

  • Liz  Servañez

    Liz Servañez serves as Branch Manager in the Philippines.

  • Rèda Bahira Emerhub Bali Indonesia

    Réda Bahria

    Réda Bahria serves as the managing director at Emerhub Bali.

  • Ross Vincent Gonzales Emerhub Philippines

    Ross Vincent Gonzales

    Ross Vincent Gonzales is a Senior Account Executive in the Philippines.

  • Sohaib serves as the Director of Emerhub in the United Arab Emirates

    Sohaib Ikram

    Sohaib Ikram serves as the Director of Emerhub in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Woro Safitri Emerhub BAli

    Woro Dyah Safitri

    Woro Woro Dyah Safitri serves as a Senior Account Executive in Bali.

Why work with Emerhub?

Emerhub is very easy to work with. We reply to your emails, pick up your calls, and have some of the best legal and accounting talent to set up your company’s operations.

We will advise you on the most suitable legal entity type depending on your planned activities, budget, etc.

Licenses and product registration

We are experienced in acquiring even some of the most complex industry licenses. We also work closely with the FDA’s in our markets to allow you to legally sell your products in the country.

Importer of Record

Ship products to any of our markets without having to acquire a local import license. We act as your consignee.


Need to issue work permits to yourself or your staff? We will take care of all the technicalities of moving your team to the country.