Story of Emerhub

    Our mission is to lower entry barriers in the emerging markets.

    Our vision is to provide market entry services in every emerging economy in the world.

    About Emerhub

    Emerhub got its name from a word combination emerging markets hub. The name ensued from our company’s key mission – lowering entry barriers in emerging markets.

    Every day at Emerhub’s office we meet people that are somewhat discouraged about the ever-changing regulations. But our explanation is simple – it is actually an advantage.

    When we incorporated our company in a miniature apartment in 2011, we knew we weren’t grand yet but hoped that our ideas and stubborn persistence will get us somewhere. And it has.

    Knowing that Southeast Asia was full of opportunities but misconceptions in business remained, we decided to pave the way for future entrepreneurs, startups and investors. Dreaming but not realizing that within the following ten years we will expand our services by opening three more offices.

    Dedication has helped us increase our number of employees from two founders to nearly 100 active team members and counting. Emerhub started from translating the simplest of licenses, whereas now we’re incorporating companies and have partners across the world. Our services are being used by thousands of foreign entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia, we’ve set up hundreds of foreign-owned companies since 2011. And we can help you.

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    Our services

    Our team

    Emerhub offers services in the emerging markets throughout the stages of your entry. Our team operates in three divisions to be most responsive and provide efficient delivery.

    Corporate secretarial services

    Emerhub’s legal and accounting teams comprise a multi-functional powerhouse. Our team is not only highly qualified but is also well experienced. You’ll find that an integral list of services required at any stage of market entry is available here with us.

    Import, export and supplier search

    Southeast Asia is well-known for trade opportunities so this division grew organically from the beginning of Emerhub. Import, export and supplier search service is available in all our offices.

    Reliable and legitimate contacts are especially needed in this industry when you’re located on the other side of the world and need an expert to handle your shipment or take care of a meeting with a supplier on your behalf.

    It may also happen that due to not fully comprehending the local laws and regulations, your goods get stuck in customs. Here is where it is highly valuable to turn to an expert and use necessary contacts.

    Emerhub talent solutions

    As Emerhub grew, we needed to hire more than ever. So did our clients. Companies were no longer looking for the simple-to-fill positions. There was a growing demand for senior experts, as well as new job titles. We saw that qualifications on job ads were changing and both candidates and companies had trouble understanding how to cope.

    We knew we weren’t here to swindle anyone. We saw the trends changing and this was not a gap to fill with local market know-how, neither with just the connections we had. When we do it, we want to exceed expectations. Therefore we developed an independent Emerhub Talent Solutions unit.

    We hired a qualified expert, set up all necessary systems and built a team from scratch. Today we are providing limitless recruitment and headhunting services across Southeast Asia. No matter the requirements you have for a candidate, we can find that person.  

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