Story of Emerhub

Emerhub was founded in 2011 in Jakarta, Indonesia. At that time Indonesia had started to make headlines as one of the up and coming emerging markets and many foreign investors were for the first time getting interested in exploring investment opportunities here.

After helping our friends and acquaintances to find information about Indonesia we quickly realised that while Indonesia might be a very attractive market it’s also an incredibly complex market to enter. Its laws and regulations confused foreign investors and it was difficult to find reliable information.

We asked ourselves that why foreign investors need to spend so much time figuring out the local bureaucracy and what if they could just focus on building their core business? From that thought process we launched a company called Indosight (Indonesian insight) and we are bringing it to emerging markets around the world as Emerhub (emerging markets hub). We started from Vietnam – another future global powerhouse.

Lauri Lahi and Marlissa Dessy, co-founders of Emerhub

Who we are

Our mission is to lower entry barriers in emerging markets.

Our vision is to provide market entry services in every emerging economy in the world.

Key facts and figures

  • emerhub-mapExperienced teams of lawyers, accountants and consultants who have worked with over 500 companies in the past 5 years
  • Get access to all of the three markets our offices serve – more than 350 million consumers at your reach
  • Avoid hassles by getting all of your market entry services from one source
  • Get connected to a network of hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors in South-East Asia
  • Our articles receive over 45,000 monthly readers

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