Sohaib serves as the Director of Emerhub in the United Arab Emirates

Sohaib Ikram

Sohaib Ikram serves as the Director of Emerhub in the United Arab Emirates.

Sohaib serves as the Director of Emerhub in the United Arab Emirates, overseeing company setup, legal compliance, financial management, and governance services. His role primarily focuses on supporting foreign clients in establishing and excelling in their businesses within the Emirates.

In addition to his directorial responsibilities in Emerhub, Sohaib co-hosts the Emerge Podcast, sharing stories and journeys of entrepreneurs in emerging markets. His experience includes spearheading the launch of Emerhub in new global markets. Sohaib’s career is marked by a deep commitment to bridging the gap between innovative business ideas and their execution, particularly for multinational companies from the UAE, UK, and Pakistan.

Sohaib’s background encompasses a stint as Global Head of Marketing for Emerhub. He improved market lead generation, social media outreach, and website traffic through performance marketing, content creation, and SEO. He played a pivotal role in Emerhub’s expansion into Hong Kong and the launch of a new SaaS product.

During the pandemic, Sohaib’s contribution extends to consulting small businesses worldwide, leading to over 150 business consultations and helping them manage global changes for free. He also engages in academia as a guest lecturer at universities in Lahore, Pakistan. 


Royal Holloway, University of London, Bachelors in Business Administration 


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