Ownership and Funding Information of Emerhub

Ownership Structure

Emerhub’s parent company is Emerhub Ltd., headquartered in Hong Kong. Our operations span across various emerging markets, each served by dedicated sister companies under the Emerhub brand. This structure ensures that we are deeply rooted in the local business environments we serve, providing tailored and relevant services to our clients.

Ultimate Beneficiaries

Emerhub is privately owned by Lauri Lahi and Marlissa Lahi, who are the ultimate beneficiaries of the company. They hold 100% ownership.

Ownership of sister companies can be verified via Companies House Indonesia, Companies House Philippines, Companies House Vietnam, and other company registers.

Independence and Funding

We take pride in our independence as a professional services firm. Emerhub is entirely self-funded, with no external investors or government grants influencing our operations. This independence is a cornerstone of our business, allowing us to serve our clients with unbiased and client-focused solutions without the pressure of short-term incentives.