Full range of service to help your company to expand to Indonesia

Emerhub is your local partner in doing business in Indonesia. From company registration to ongoing business support.

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Hire employees in Indonesia without bureaucracy

You don’t need to register a company in Indonesia to hire employees. Use Emerhub as the employer of record and leave all the payroll issues to us.

We take care of all the payroll and compliance issues

Once you hire your Indonesian team, focus on getting the business results. We make sure everything is calculated, paid, and reported correctly and on time.

Register a company in Indonesia

We help you set up your foreign company in Indonesia within 5 business days. We take care of the paperwork and navigate through the strict legislation so you can focus on your core business.

We have worked with over a thousand foreign companies in Indonesia since 2011

Finding talent in Jakarta’s 40 million-strong population can feel like finding a needle in the haystack. The challenge is not finding enough candidates, but getting the people with the skills, experience and attitude you need to grow your business.

Emerhub helps you hire fast in Indonesia with fully customizable employee outsourcing and HR solutions.


Let’s grow your business in Indonesia

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