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Emberhub’s company registration and corporate compliance services can help you incorporate your business in the Philippines successfully.

Over 100 companies successfully incorporated by Emerhub in the Philippines

Company registration in the Philippines made simple with Emerhub

Entity setup without physical appearance
We set up the whole company without the physical presence of the owners, including the opening of a corporate bank account
Assistance in entity selection
Emerhub provides assistance in choosing the right company type for your business needs – including secondary licenses if required
Corporate secretary & Nominee Treasurer
We provide Corporate Secretary and Nominee Treasurer services – These are positions in a company required to be held by Filipinos
Post-establishment services
We provide post-establishment services like payroll management and employee handling
Hybrid Setups via virtual offices
Emerhub also helps companies set up hybrid businesses for industries where remote work is suitable
company registration philippines

Register a Domestic or Foreign Corporation in the Philippines

Whether you want to start a new business or expand your current one to the Philippines, Emerhub’s consultants help you with the registration of the right company type for your specific needs.

Most Popular

Domestic Corporation

These are companies with up to 100% foreign ownership.

One Person Corporation

A special type of corporation that requires only 1 sole stockholder (natural person) owning 100% of the shares.

Representative Office

A local office liaison of a foreign parent company that does not generate income.

Additional types

  • FIA Corporation
  • Non-stock Corporation
  • Branch office
  • Regional operating headquarter (ROHQ)

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company registration in the philippines

company registration in the Philippines takes between 60-180 days

How does Emerhub’s company incorporation service work in the Philippines?


Get in touch with us to discuss your planned business activities in the Philippines


Emerhub will identify the best type of business structure for your company, and collect the required documents from you


Our consultants will prepare the required documentation for your company registration, and submit it to the relevant authorities as per your chosen company type


If required, our team will also submit documentation to set up your company bank account


Once all submissions are made, the authorities may take anywhere between 60 to 180 days to confirm your company registration in the Philippines

company registration in the philippines

Emerhub is a market entry and HR services organization with a 10+ year history of delivering success in emerging markets

Multinational Presence

Apart from the Philippines, we have offices located in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Pakistan

We are Advisors

We have dedicated and highly qualified consultants that assist our clients end-to-end through the incorporation process

Local Presence

We have two branches in the Philippines. Our offices are located in exclusive economic zones that provide several incentives to clients

Our virtual office can be used for PEZA registration

One of our offices is a PEZA Accredited space. Enjoy our Virtual Office Service and you can get PEZA-registered.

Client Testimonials

Highly Recommended! We are pleased to work with Emerhub PH.  Emerhub has made our start-up and maintenance in the Philippines easy, fast, and secure.

Gove DePuy

I appreciate the effort and professional ability you have shown in delivering services to us.

Caelin Reddy

Very helpful in getting things resolved whenever we had queries.

Nikunj Mathur
FlexM Pte. Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can employ paid-up capital for your operational expenses. Your initial amount will not be stored in a blocked account.

Yes, Emerhub will help you throughout the process of company registration. We also provide other post-establishment services.

Yes, you can lower the amount of paid-up capital by having 60% Filipino shareholders or an export service company.

Yes, we also provide post-establishment services like payroll management and employee handling.

Yes, Emerhub can assume the role of Corporate Secretary and Nominee Treasurer. These are positions in a company required to be held by Filipinos.

Company registration in the Philippines takes an estimated time of 60 days. However, the estimated timeline can vary based on specific requirements and procedures.

1. You want to have a physical presence in the Philippines 2. You want to hire employees under your own company 3. You want to enter into a contract with our local companies 4. You intend to generate income within the Philippines

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